Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dorothy's Request at 9 Hearts

I documented the following Event with Dorothy in great detail for all her fans. Like Yue's Request for a Date at 9 Hearts, the 'Date' with Dorothy consists mainly of an Interview, a series of questions and responses. You have the opportunity to choose the questions you wish to ask, as well as the chance to choose different responses to her questions.

The 'best' results are given first, but I have included all possible results after that as each provides a few details about Dorothy herself.

As I have stated in other posts that deal with Romantic Request Events, I really do not think that the response you give affects heart level. It certainly does not have any substantial effect. It is by accepting the Request and satisfying it that you increase the Heart level of the individual. When I give the 'best' responses, therefore, they simply are the responses that please the girl the most, but you can give any response you like and still move forward in the Courtship.

As in your date with Yue, there is a moment when you may become very excited, thinking that you are about to experience something new. In Yue's case, it was the chance to travel to a new location. In Dorothy's case, it is the chance to see her face!

I will not spoil the surprise here, though. All will be revealed in the Event itself:

This Event leads to a new Request on the Bulletin Board from Gordon.


Nathan O'Riley said...

Oh, so sweet~ I love Dorothy.

I wish you could've actually seen her face during that conversation though. Ah well...

Whichever response you choose besides the 'correct' one, the outcome doesn't seem too negative.

Melvil~ said...

When you answer "Mana", Dorothy says: " that it? I, I just thought... well, I thought you and Mana were..." and next on she says "Oh no. There's nothing between us." That one seems like it should be Kyle's line... I kinda don't find it fit into what Dorothy was saying...
Anyway, I dislike Dorothy, but her quests are pretty interesting n_n

Anonymous said...

Since you are running the game with several girls at 10 hearts now will you be seeing if the US version will allow you to 'steal the bride' if you wait until a girl tries to marry a rival? I've been curious if that would be kept in the US version. Course that would require playing a lot longer and I'm sure you're ready to start on the 2nd generation asap. Thanks again for the updates.


Freyashawk said...

I'll address all three comments in a single response here.

First, with over 400,000 words of text in this game and a deadline to meet in terms of releasing the game THIS year, there are bound to be a few little instances where the name that appears in the box does not match the character who is speaking. Players complain when the games are delayed, and I think it would have been far worse if Rune Factory 2 had not been released in time for Christmas.

Nathan, I became very excited myself, thinking I would have a chance at last to see Dorothy's face during this Event. Well, these 'teases' are very typical of Harvest Moon, as in Yue's Event, where she first suggests that you go to a new destination for the date. Ultimately, it is similar to the path that leads out of the village in other Harvest Moon games, but which your character never can take... I'll be interested to see if Dorothy's face appears in the Wedding Event later today.

Finally, Dagon... How I wish I could see if I could 'steal' the bride in this game but that will have to wait for my second game later. I have spent far too much time in the 1st Generation as it is. I personally have no desire to move forward too quickly but for the sake of the guides, now must play with greater speed...

I do hope that the little events I have shared will encourage them to view the 1st Generation game as a complete game that is satisfying in its own right, rather than a step to be taken as quickly as possible before moving on to the
2nd Generation...

Anonymous said...

I already decided I would try to play the 1st generation until all the rivals are married, just so I could see the weddings, then marry Mana and move on. (This would also make me feel a little better about not marrying the others). I will however try to steal a bride, just to see if I can.

I am curious if playing for that long in the 1st generation will add a lot of bonuses to playing the 2nd generation, due to having more money, pets, items, etc. What carries over?