Saturday, November 29, 2008

Animal Crossing City Folk Guide

I sent a brief introductory 'Walkthrough' for Animal Crossing City Folk to IGN yesterday. It really does not contain much information at this point, apart from some of the combinations of responses to Rover that determine specific faces and hairstyles for your character, information about the Harvest Festival and the Mush Furniture and a few prices for 'easy' items to obtain in November. What is DOES contain is the link to my Comprehensive Wild World General Guide.

Although the games are not identical, there are enough similarities to make my old Wild World Guide useful to players of City Folk. The lists are fairly exhaustive in terms of catalogue offerings, fish, insects and fossils. New items have been added to City Folk and those will be added to the Guide shortly.

Guide writing is not simply a matter of playing the game and knowing the answers. It is above all else, writing...

In fact, I have written such a volume of words that I actually worn DOWN the keys on my old laptop. When I took it for repair, the guy who looked at it declared he never had seen a laptop keyboard as worn as mine. That doesn't make me a GOOD writer, but it does mean that I type a lot of words.

Players who are impatient for completion of the 2nd Generation section of my Rune Factory 2 Guide or are impatient for completion or even additions to the City Folk Walkthrough should be conscious of the time needed to type out the information. I wish I could transfer it effortlessly and instantly from my brain to the Guide, but that is not possible.

The real point of this post is to let players know that I am quite aware of the fact that I barely scratched the surface of City Folk in the 'Walkthrough' as it stands. It was published primarily to create the link and to make players aware of the possibility of using the old Wild World guide for many aspects of the new Animal Crossing game.

In fact, if I only had a few more hourse, I could have added twice as much information, but IGN has its own deadlines... Monday's update should dou8ble if not triple the length of the 'Walkthrough'. (And will include Mars Frog as a contributor!)

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