Friday, November 21, 2008

Girl Talk in Rune Factory 2

You can find the Eligible Girls of Alvarna gathered in groups of three in one of the girl's bedrooms on various days at different hours.

Julia, Rosalind and Dorothy sometimes congregate in Dorothy's room in the morning. Mana, Cecilia and Alicia gather in Mana's bedroom in the evening.

One dialogue involves the respective merits of cats and dogs. Your character is asked to choose his favourite. Your response will provide information about the girls' preferences:

There are quite a few amusing exchanges between Mana, Cecilia and Alicia that display their rivalry as they seek to win your affections. On Festival Days, you always can experience a conversation of this nature when you find them outside your Monster Barn. In the evening iin Mana's bedroom, the conversation in summer alludes to Mana's romantic interest in you.

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Melvil~ said...

Huh? Dogs and Cats exist in Rune Factory? xD I'm surprised!