Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dorothy's Proposal and Wedding Event

Finally, fans of Dorothy in Rune Factory 2 will have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of her face when she marries your character in the Church. She is truly exquisite.

Here are the Proposal and Wedding Events:

After the wedding, she returns to her usual demure style of clothing and wears the hood even at home with her new spouse.

You must have experienced Gordon's Request to obtain the Blessing Pendant and have Dorothy at 10 Hearts before you can make a successful marriage proposal to her.


Anonymous said...

If you let her marry the rival, will you still get to see her face? I can't see the vid, but do you see her face when she's in the wedding dress?


Freyashawk said...

Oh, Dagon, you are the bane of my existence here!!! I am joking, but I now have to experience Dorothy's Wedding again in order to take a still screenshot for those of you who cannot access the video... Actually, I intended to do that in any case, but really, how on earth can I do this AND organise the actual guides properly???

Anonymous said...

Umm ... thanks. Sorry.

I do greatly appreciate your work and time spent. Thanks you ever so much. I hope to get the game soon, if so, you may not see me for a while! ;)


Nathan O'Riley said...

She is too too beautiful. Ah, I love her~ Marrying Dorothy is an event worth experiencing at least once.

Haha, funny how the proposal right front Barrett who happened to be standing RIGHT NEXT to her. Heh.