Monday, February 11, 2008

With the Big Bed comes the chance to Propose...


On Monday, 26 Autumn of my First Year, Thomas delivered my Bed Bed to the farmhouse at 6.00 a.m. He embarrassed me somewhat when he asked, 'Hey Freya! The Big Bed that you ordered was just delivered. What do you plan to do with such a huge bed? Are you living with somebody?'

How very RUDE!!! And he's the Mayor of Mineral Town??? For shame!!! He then apologised, but the damage was done.

To be honest, however, nothing could dampen my spirits. I wasn't about to settle for any one less than Skye, but I certainly had every intention of going through a 'dress rehearsal' of a marriage proposal with each of the Valley bachelors. One after another, I displayed my Blue Feather and catalogued their responses...

For the sake of other girls, of course, so that they will know what they are taking on if they choose any of these guys for better or for worse.

I have a daily gift-giving routine and I followed the same routine as I made my round of proposals. Rock was first on the list because I always Teleport first to the Inn to give gifts to any guests and then all regular residents.

Rock was typically disarming, telling me that even if he lived with me on the ranch, he couldn't imagine he would do any work. When we told his mother of our plans to marry, she was blunt in her assessment of her son as fairly worthless in terms of husband material. I was a little taken aback! You could see that beneath her very unflattering declarations, she truly DOES love him though. As a matter of fact, it is said that sons are created by their mothers so if Rock is feckless and lazy, it has to be Ruby's fault! Nonetheless, he is a loveable guy and I know he'll never lie to me.

Griffin was next on the list. He was almost pathetically grateful to me for choosing him as a husband. There is something deeply romantic about Griffin, beneath his rather matter-of-fact exterior. I have to say that, as I experienced his heart events, I developed a rather profound affection for him. That doesn't mean I am willing to choose him over Skye, but...

In fact, Muffy was so sweet about our engagement announcement that I never could marry Griffin after THAT. She deserves to have some happiness and it is obvious to me that they belong together.

So off to the Yurt next to propose to Gustafa. As I might have expected, his talk was all of his songs. He sees me as his source of inspiration now. There was absolutely no inclination on his part to offer to HELP me on the ranch. Where Rock actually appeared to be slightly apologetic about his inability to work, Gustafa appears to believe that his music places him high above ordinary mortals who must work with their hands to live...

Nami can have him, with my blessing... Although he did say he didn't need to travel any longer for inspiration now that he had me as a source, I expect he and Nami are better suited to one another. To be honest, I would have been more inclined to keep my engagement with him if he had suggested that WE travel somewhere together. What does he think, that I don't want to see the world??? Does he imagine I have no sense of adventure? Yes, I work hard and care about the success of the ranch, but I long to see the wonders of the world as well!

After Gustafa, I popped into Vesta's farmhouse to propose to Marlin. What an odd event that turned out to be! He showed me an expression that almost put me off for life, it was so peculiar. He looked like a character out of Dickens, cringing and looking up at me with his head cocked at an odd angle. Marlin isn't a bad guy, once you know him, but I would have to make him promise never to show me THAT expression again if I were to marry him.

It was what happened when we visited Vesta to tell her of our engagement that the event became truly bizarre. Vesta began to threaten him with GBH should he ever behave badly towards me!!! I mean, we're talking about Marlin here. It was rather hilarious in a way. I have to believe every one was teasing him. A beating from Vesta would kill him in his delicate state of health!

Seriously, though,

Finally, I visited the tent to propose to Carter. Did I write about his fourth heart event, when he became as drunk as a skunk, took me down to the beach and told me I was the light of his life??? I never knew HE was such a romantic. When I proposed to him, however, his primary concern was the difference in our ages. Rather tactlessly I thought, he pointed out that he was old enough to be my father. I tried to tell him it didn't matter, but when we announced our engagement to Flora, her responses made me realise that marriage to Carter was out of the question for me, even if it would save him from a life of Curry! Flora was almost nasty to me, and she always tells me I am her best friend... I can see how long THAT would last if I married her darling Carter... So that's another engagement that will be broken.

In any case, I am off to experience Skye's 5th and Final Heart Event. I shan't marry any one immediately in any case. I want to experience the Starry Night Festival with each and every one of the Valley bachelors. Moreover, I yet have attained marriage eligibility with any of the Mineral Town bachelors. I expect it will be Spring before I am free to marry my sweet-talking Skye.

N.B. The full text of all Heart Events and each Marriage Proposal Event will be found in My Courtship and Marriage Guide for HM Cute.


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Yet more chuckles and anecdotes from your love life in HM:Cute.

Just in time for Valentines day too!

Keep well

Freyashawk said...

Dear Shaggy,

You are so right... just in time for Valentine's Day! Perhaps that is one of the reasons Harvest Moon is so appealing. Whether we have romance in our actual lives or not, we can enjoy it in the world of Harvest Moon.