Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Keira's Purple Heart Event: Courting Sleeping Beauty

I have to confess that I have not been particularly diligent in courting Keira in my first game of Cute. I shan't be able to keep this game ultimately and mining is arduous always. Each day, I usually descend as far as I need to go in the Third Mine to find a piece of Mythic Stone to ship through the Can Food Maker.

As I could not have had Keira at sufficient heart level in my first year to obtain an invitation to spend the Starry Night Festival with her, I gave her a piece of Chocolate Cake at the Winter Thanksgiving but did not visit her again until her birthday on 26 Winter. On that day, I gave her one of the Suns in order to maximise AP points. The next visit and gift would bring her to Purple Heart Level.

Keira is not difficult to court. The game gives bonuses in specific circumstances in order to offset the labour involved in reaching her chamber. When, in any Heart Event, she requests a specific item, you will gain 5000 AP when you give her that item.

I entered her chamber on the 255th floor of the Third Mine to give her a Sun, raising her from 9600 AP to 10100 AP. This brought her to Purple Heart level. I simply walked out of the chamber and re-entered it then to experience the 2nd Heart Event.

Having courted AND married Keira in a previous game of Harvest Moon DS (boy version), I knew that she would request Relaxtea in her Second Heart Event. I therefore had come to the mine prepared with some of my best Relaxtea in my rucksack.

After experiencing the Second Heart Event, I read her request for Relaxtea on the message board and promptly gave it to her. This raised her AP by 5000 points.

Remember that, whenever you reach the 255th floor of the Third Mine, you must defeat ALL the Dark Creatures on the floor before the barrier will crumble. If you fall through any hole and then attempt to reload, it will not work. You will find yourself back on the 255th floor, but the barrier will remain even if you then defeat the remaining Dark Creatures. It is important, therefore, to be extremely careful when you are on the 255th floor. Do not take a single step without uncovering the square with your hoe first. Do not allow yourself to be on any square that would enable a Dark Creature to push you into an unprotected square that might conceal a hole. If you are playing your game in two slots, you can save your game in both slots when you reach the 255th floor as a safety measure. If you are playing only in a single slot, it is best NOT to save your game on the 255th floor until the barrier crumbles. Save your game only on the 254th floor BEFORE you descend the stairs to 255. That way, if you fall through a hole by some mischance, you can reload on the 254th floor and descend anew.

In the upcoming English edition of Cute, you can court the Magical Girls, experience all their heart events and fulfil all requirements that existed in the original game for marriage, but the 'Best Friend' status has been eliminated by Natsume evidently. I have confirmed this with an attempt to marry Leia now.

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