Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Original Harvest Moon, now on the Wii


One of the true tests of the intrinsic value of a game, in my view, is when it does not depend on technological advances or special effects. The original Harvest Moon with copyright from 1997 has been released again for the Wii. It can be downloaded to any Wii if you have 800 points at the Nintendo Shop. Going from Harvest Moon Cute DS back to an archaic form of Harvest Moon is a fascinating journey through time. Obviously, Cute is far more sophisticated and far more detailed gameplay is possible, but there is an essential charm to any Harvest Moon game that can be found in the original as well as the newest releases.

Players who knew and loved the game from its inception may have sentimental reasons to play the original again, but even new players will find it entertaining and embrace it with enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the basic philosophy and 'rules' of Harvest Moon are unchanging. Whether the game includes a diary for girls or bachelors or a Love Bangle, the basis for increasing affection and friendship remains constant. The philosophy of determination and hard work is the same from game to game.

Exploring the landscape of the old Harvest Moon game, I found elements of 'A Wonderful Life', 'Magical Melody', 'Harvest Moon DS' and even 'Rune Factory'. Those who do not consider 'Rune Factory' to be a classical Harvest Moon game are mistaken. Its roots can be found in the earliest Harvest Moon games to some extent.

Graphics may be more sophisticated and gameplay may be more complex in newer Harvest Moon games, but if I had allowed myself to do so, I easily could have been swept away into the original 'Harvest Moon'... Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day and I am not finished with my life in Cute!

Still, I would recommend 'Harvest Moon' as a download for any one who owns a Wii. It is a game with a value that never will diminish. I expect to pass many happy hours with it when time permits.


jennifer said...

my gosh--is that nina from harvest moon ds?

C. Hudson said...

When the original Harvest Moon: Magical Melody came out I played it with my grandchildren. It was something we shared together and loved to play. I am not staying with them now but for Christmas of last year they got me a game cube and the original HM: Magical Melody of my own. I love it! I just wish my grandchildren were here to play with me. I am 60 years old, a child at heart.

Freyashawk said...

C. Hudson, I believe that Harvest Moon and Rune Factory will keep you young ... in any case, these games can be appreciated by players of all ages. The Gamecube remains a fabulous system and I think the original Magical Melody for the GC platform was the best version, partly because you could play either as a male or as a female. You can play Gamecube games on the Wii, but the Gamecube is far sturdier and may last longer! Thank you for visiting my site. Happy Harvesting!