Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Delight is in the Details... Murrey's Birthday


In most Harvest Moon games, the goal simply is to create a good life for oneself and to make a contribution to the village or place in which one lives. One isn't punished actively if one fails to remember a birthday but I personally love to remember every individual's birthday with a special gift he or she likes.

In the first two seasons of gameplay, one of my personal goals is to raise every individual's friendship level to maximum. In HM DS and HM Cute DS, maximum friendship level is 255 FP. Having done that, the birthday gift bonus of 5x the ordinary 'value' of the gift becomes irrelevant but I still try not to forget any one's birthday.

Thursday, 29 Autumn is Murrey's birthday. I have had him at 255 FP for quite some time now and have experienced most of his events, including the two with the Gourmet.
My main preoccupation today was Grey, who visits the Valley only on Thursday and whom I have at Blue Heart level now. I wanted to make certain, therefore, to experience his Third Heart Event.

Having done that earlier in the day, I was free to concentrate on Murrey. In general, Murrey can be found near the Goddess Spring in the morning and at the Villa in the afternoon. At night, he returns to the Goddess Spring.

Today, however, I did not find him at the Villa. Although I created a Schedule of Movements for HM DS, I had not expected I would need it and in fact, decided simply to search for Murrey... I remembered that Thursday was the day when he visited the Blue Bar in the evening, but where did he go today after he left the Goddess Spring? It took me a few minutes to find him... in the kitchen of the Inner Inn!

Yes, I should have remembered that Thursday was his day to visit the Inner Inn... I could have waited until evening to present him with his gift at the Blue Bar, but in finding him in the kitchen, I was able to experience some of his most amusing dialogue.

Murrey stands in a corner in Ruby's kitchen. One suspects that he thinks he is 'hiding'. In 'A Wonderful Life', Murrey often will raid your own storeroom and kitchen for food. He doesn't consider it to be theft. He feels that any food storage exists for his benefit in a way. Even so, his forays sometimes are clandestine.

In Ruby's kitchen, Murrey will tell you: 'Here's where the most food falls, and it's the tastiest too! Are you going to get some food too, Freya? Don't take Murrey's share.'

That appears to be his new theory of existence. Food simply 'falls' like manna from heaven...

I gave him his 'Most Favourite', an egg and he duly confirmed that it was indeed his birthday, thanking me politely for the gift. He is more enthusiastic about eggs when it ISN'T his birthday, actually but the egg would have increased his FP by 45 points rather than 9 if it were not at maximum.

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