Monday, February 18, 2008

The Star Festival with Carter

As in the original Harvest Moon DS, when you spend the Starry Night Festival with an eligible girl or bachelor from the Valley, you basically spend it with that individual's 'family'. It is not so much a romantic event as it is a family event but you will not be extended an invitation unless girl or bachelor is at Green heart level or higher.

If you are interested in Carter in Cute, therefore, you will be invited to the tent to spend the Festival with Carter and Flora in the same way as you would have spent it in the original HM DS.

Carter will welcome you jovially and suggest a discussion of ancient civilisations. Flora will demur, declaring that you will NOT be interested in the subject. If not interested in the man's life work, why on earth would you marry him???

Although I personally am VERY interested in ancient civilisations, I am not particularly eager to marry Carter and thus will leave that possible dilemma to other girls... Meanwhile, I did spend a pleasant evening in the tent before I reloaded to experience the event with some one else.

Flora actually made wonderful cakes for the occasion. Well, she SAID she made them, but they seemed far too professional compared to her ordinary cooking attempts... I think she had help from Ruby, but no one ever will admit that. Cake was served with Large Milk.

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