Monday, February 18, 2008

Skye and the Starry Night Festival

Although my primary reason for keeping the Blue Feather stashed in my Tool Box since Skye reached red heart level was to be able to experience all the Starry Night events with each and every bachelor and Magical Girl, it ultimately was Skye as always who made the event truly magical for me. If I had proposed to him last week, I would not have experienced this marvelous event with him as a single girl... Married couples do celebrate the Festival but in a slightly different fashion.

I met Skye on the path as usual and much to my delight, he mentioned the Festival and asked if he could celebrate it with me at my house. Of course I agreed. The day seemed to last forever... I was too excited to do much beyond the necessary chores. Even if I had to wait longer before I married him, meanwhile I still could enjoy the incredible romance he brought into my life and heart on occasions like this one.

Of all the bachelors, it was only Skye who appeared to consider the Festival a romantic event. When I went to the door at 6.00 p.m., my heart was pounding. Sad to say, I had not prepared any food. When the Witch Princess and Leia had mentioned the lack of food on my table, it had not bothered me in the least. I laughed it off. When Skye brought it to my attention, however, I was utterly mortified! How could I not have prepared a proper celebration for the man I adored?

Skye, however, was WONDERFUL! He confessed that he had brought his special curry mix in case of such an eventuality. In similar circumstances, the Witch Princess and Leia had offered to cook the meal for me. Skye, on the other hand, suggested that we cook curry together. Never before in all my life had the possibility of cooking curry, of all things, appeared so completely romantic!

It was as romantic a situation as any maiden could have hoped to experience... Ah, how I long for the day when I shall be free to marry him at last. Is it THAT important to experience all the Mineral Town Heart Events??? I must be a guide writer first, though, and a player second. I must put aside my longing for Skye temporarily and continue to perform my duty by continuing to court the Mineral Town bachelors...


KalypsoCry said...

The prospect of cooking with one's beloved is quite romantic after all. I think the curry incident has given me a bit of inspiration to write a short little one-off fiction on Skye... let's see how my mind allows me to develop it.

As for the marriage bit, it is very sweet, though I most likely will just go straight to the point and get married to him without hesitation. I do adore him as well.

Freyashawk said...

Oh, believe me, I would marry him NOW if I weren't trying to write a comprehensive Courtship and Marriage Guide for Cute that includes ALL Mineral Town bachelor heart events as well as the Valley ones. Mind you, as this cartridge ultimately must be returned to Natsume, my life on it is transitory in any case... When I get my own copy of Cute on 25 March, I am going to go DIRECTLY towards Skye in my first game.

You have to understand that the way I am playing this game now is as a guide writer rather than ordinary player...

Skye is amazing though. Whoever invented the character and did his dialogue really created some one special... and quite irresistable. Nor is he a 'cardboard character' in any way. That entire business of how his real ambition is making the best curries in the world is pure Harvest Moon!

KalypsoCry said...

Don't worry, I fully understand, though I do need to wait until the game comes out in HK for me so I can start writing my guide.

Oh, and Skye must have had the developers of Harvest Moon DS Cute scratching their heads and flurrying around the conference room going: "What do we do for the newest secret character? What do we do???" It's kinda funny to think about it (the developers flurrying around), but I do believe that the most attention went into creating Skye's character.