Thursday, February 14, 2008

If you marry Marlin


If you marry Marlin, you have married a man who wants to be convinced of his own strength more than anything. At the wedding, he will declare that he always will protect you.

His entire manner undergoes rather a sea change when you speak to him the morning after the wedding, however. He takes on rather a cowboy accent, telling you: 'I guess you and I are hitched now, by golly!' He then suggests: 'How 'bout you and I change up our names a bit?'

What on earth has happened to him? Is he feverish perhaps, thinking he is a character in the Wild West? I was very glad that I had not married him in any permanent sense, but only as a test... After that, he simply will tell you each morning that he is glad he married you without too much cowboy lingo...

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