Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Red Letter Day: Rescuing the Harvest Goddess

The day when one is able to rescue the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon DS or Cute DS is one of the great 'red letter days' in the game. When you have rescued your 60th Sprite, the Harvest Goddess will appear and ask you to visit her at the Spring.

Go to the Goddess Spring and take an offering with you, preferably a Strawberry. She will appear and thank you for your offering. If it is a strawberry, she will tell you that she absolutely loved your gift.

After you have paid your respects to the newly returned Goddess, visit the Sprite Company Tree and press 'A' in front of the large Jar in the upper right corner of the outer chamber where the Sprite Teams have their postboxes.

A baby Sprite will poke his head out of the top of the jar. Guts then will tell you that he is a baby Harvest Sprite lost when all the Sprites disappeared. He has been so very busy that he completely forgot about the Baby's existence! He then will delegate the responsibility of caring for the Baby to you.

Bringing up Baby has its own rewards. When you have given the Baby 255 gifts, you may find him willing to grant you a wish from time to time...

The Baby loves Pudding and Ice Cream, incidentally. Each will raise his FP by 9 points.

It is Autumn now in Forget-Me-Not Valley and I discovered my second Giant Crop of the year this morning when I went into my field. I have a Giant Yam. My first Giant Crop was a giant Pumpkin in Summer. Actually, I could have had a Giant Turnip one day in Spring, but I had gone ahead a day temporarily simply to test an event and did not wish to save the results, so the Giant Turnip remains one of those parallel futures that never came to pass.

Harvest Moon games always include delightful little details that really are not that significant but which add richness to the tapestry of the game. Speaking to the Harvest Sprites who work for you often can elicit a remark that is hilarious or simply bizarre. Who would have thought, by the way, that Harvest Sprites are addicted to television programmes? Koto apparently is addicted to some weekly soap opera...

If you are fortunate, you may find an opportunity to do more than shop when you ring a business in Mineral Town. From time to time, both May and Pastor Carter will be willing to talk to you. When the option appears, you may wish to take advantage of it, because you never know where it might lead.

The 60th Sprite I rescued in this particular game was Vail who is rescued when you ship your first Green Pepper. My 101 Sprites Guide lists all 101 Sprites and the means by which each is rescued. There is a separate section that lists the 60 easiest Sprites to rescue. 60 is the magical number here as it results in the rescue of the Harvest Goddess.

I am surprised always by the number of players who send me emails, telling me that they have experienced all four heart events for a prospective spouse, have the individual at 60,000 AP (deep red heart level) but cannot understand why the person keeps rejecting the Blue Feather and the proposal of marriage it accompanies.

You MUST rescue the Harvest Goddess in HM DS or HM Cute DS before you can marry ANY ONE. The Harvest Goddess, after all, rings the bells at all weddings and her blessing upon any nuptials is a sine qua non in this game.

In my current game of Cute, I have experienced all four heart events for each of the 'ordinary' Valley bachelors but have experienced only 2 heart events for most of the Mineral Town bachelors. I have experienced two and a half heart events for Skye and am anxious to know if I can trigger the next one or not. Sad to say, although I now have Skye at Green Heart level, Part I of his next event only can be experienced on a sunny Friday. Tomorrow IS Friday but it is the Harvest Festival. It is very seldom indeed that any event can be experienced on a Festival Day. What this means effectively is that I have to wait another week before I will know whether or not I still can trigger Skye's heart events in this game.

Meanwhile, as soon as the first Valley bachelor reached Orange Heart level at 50,000 AP, I was able to buy the Blue Feather from Karen's Supermarket. It is in my rucksack now, awaiting the appropriate time for a marriage proposal.

There is one more requirement for marriage that needs to be met: the Big Bed. If you upgrade your house twice, the next item offered by the Shopping Network will be the Big Bed. I actually chose NOT to upgrade my house a second time at this point, as I am not ready to USE the Big Bed but I am ready to cook. As the Shopping Network offers only one item each week, I feel that a Kitchen and all kitchen utensils must take precedence over the Big Bed...

In a couple of weeks, I shall have all Kitchen implements AND my second house upgrade, allowing me to buy the Big Bed when it is offered. At this point, however, even though the Harvest Goddess has been rescued and two bachelors are about to reach red heart level, I am not ready to marry. Once you marry, you no longer can experience any more Heart Events for obvious reasons. I would like to experience the Heart Events for every bachelor before I finally pose the question to one of them.

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