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How to View Energy and Friendship Stats in HM DS and HM Cute DS

Shaggy posted a question to me about energy and affection levels in HM DS and HM Cute for the DS. I answered his question in a comment, but perhaps it would be helpful to some players if I create an actual post about this.

In most Harvest Moon games, there are ways to discover your energy stats as well as your Affection and/or Friendship levels with villagers and potential spouses. In Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town, you must be alert with respect to changes in dialogue on the part of characters in order to assess their Friendship Levels. With respect to eligible spouses, however, you can see their heart levels in the form of a large coloured heart on their breast when you engage them in conversation or otherwise interact with them. As far as energy levels are concerned, there is the Truth Gem, created when you have collected a full set of Jewels of Truth. The Truth Gem when equipped will show you your current energy levels.

In HM DS and HM Cute for DS, the acquisition of the Truth Bangle that displays SR and FR is far easier. As soon as the Casino opens, you can purchase a Truth Bangle with Medals either won or purchased there. When worn as an accessory, the Truth Bangle will display both current SR and FR levels. Similarly, there is a Love Bangle that when worn will display current AP and/or FP levels for any individual with whom you are interacting.

In HM DS and HM Cute for DS, you still can gauge your Affection levels with an eligible spouse by interacting with that individual and looking at the large coloured heart displayed on his/her breast, but the Love Bangle will give you far more precise information. After all, the span of any 'heart level' is 10000 points...

In HM DS/HM Cute DS as well as in FoMT/MFoMT, dialogue will change as heart levels or friendship levels change. This always depends on the location where you speak to the individual in question, by the way, in all Harvest Moon games. For example, when you speak to Griffin in his bedroom, his dialogue will depend solely on his FP, but when you speak to him behind the counter at the Blue Bar, his dialogue will change according to his heart level or AP. HM DS and HM Cute DS are a little more complex than FoMT or MFoMT with respect to Affection Points and Friendship Points. There are events in HM DS/HM Cute DS that are triggered with eligible spouses when a specific FP is reached. These are NOT Heart Events, however, and must not be confused with the Heart Events that are mandatory to experience if you wish to marry the girl/bachelor in question. FP Events exist for individuals who are not potential spouses as well. Some players call these events 'Random' events but they are NOT random. They are based on FP, location, weather conditions, days of the week, season and time of day. There may be a limit on the number of events a player can experience in any given day as well...

If you do not have a Love Bangle, you can gauge friendship and affection levels, as previously stated, by changes in dialogue. These accessories are extremely useful, however, and I cannot imagine any player who would reject the chance to gauge both affection/friendship levels and energy levels by obtaining both Love Bangle and Truth Bangle at the earliest possible opportunity.

It is only in the first week of gameplay BEFORE the Casino opens, that you will be required to guess affection and friendship levels in HM DS and HM Cute DS.

If you do not have a Truth Bangle or Truth Gem, you still can gauge energy levels by the physical actions of your character.

From my General Guide:

As in other Harvest Moon games, your energy level is a combination of Stamina and Fatigue. Items when eaten or used operate to restore your Stamina and/or to reduce your Fatigue. When you awaken in the morning, you should be at: 100/100 in terms of SR and 0/100 in terms of FR. As you use energy through the day, your SR will drop and your FR will increase as you lose Stamina Resistance and your Fatigue grows greater. If you watch your character's actions carefully, you will be able to see when his level of energy drops: he will mop his brow with a hankerchief, stoop and then his knees will buckle, and you will see him struggle to stand. Finally, when all energy is gone, he will pass out. A villager will rescue your character whenever he passes out and will take him home. The villager who rescues him will change according to the location where he passed out. Once he passes out, he will awaken only the next morning at 6.00 a.m. If he passes out AFTER midnight, he will lose an entire day!


Even if you are not wearing the Truth Bangle, you can judge your character's energy levels by her physical actions.

I have written a very specific section on Energy for my new General Guide for HM Cute. Here are the precise indications for Stamina and Fatigue levels:

At 50/100 SR, she will mop her face delicately with her handkerchief. At 20/100 SR, her head will fall briefly and she will place her hands on her knees to steady herself before regaining her erect posture. At 4/100 SR, her knees will buckle briefly before she regains her normal stance. At 0/100, she will stagger, fall to the ground and steady herself with one hand before regaining her normal stance.

At 0/100 SR 50/100 FR, when her Fatigue is at half level, she will tug on her hair and shake her head briefly before regaining her normal stance. Remember that 0 SR never will cause your character to pass out. It is Fatigue that will have that effect and only when it reaches 100/100 FR. At 0/100 SR 80/100 FR, your character will fall to her knees, her face will turn blue, she will tug her hair and shake her head and the icon of a skull will appear over her head. This is the 'danger' warning... she is close to the point where she will pass out. Although she will regain her normal stance, her face will remain blue unless you restore her SR or diminish her FR. At 0/100 SR 100/100 FR, your character will stagger and fall to the ground... you will be rescued by an individual who either lives nearby or who is at a nearby location and you will awaken to full consciousness only the next morning. In HM DS and HM Cute DS, loss of consciousness will result in a random loss of gold as well! If you DO pass out, you will awaken with full energy at 100/100 SR and 0/100 FR.


Incidentally, in the original 'boy' version of HM DS, you must pass out a specific number of times in order to experience Elli's 1st Heart Event. In MFoMT, one of Kai's Heart Events required a certain level of Fatigue and there are events in HM Cute DS that require certain minimum levels of Energy as well.

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