Thursday, February 28, 2008

Power Berries in Spring in HM Boy and Girl

As in both Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town, Red Power Berries and a Mystic Berry exist in Harvest Moon Boy & Girl. The methods by which they are obtained are very similar, although not identical.

A few can be obtained very early in the game, before the middle of Spring, if one is determined. These are the Power Berries from the Magical Tree, the Harvest Goddess and from the Kappa. To gain the first, all one needs is an Axe and a fierce pretense that one intends to chop down the tree, despite the fact that a basic axe CANNOT fell a tree or even a stump in this game! The poor tree will beg for its life. If you stay your hand, you will gain a Power Berry.

The tree is situated in the wide meadow beyond the Lake where flowers proliferate. It is the place where you can find Basil and his family on Monday morning.

The second Power Berry and the Mystic Berry are obtained by the sacrifice of crops grown in your field. Any one who has dealt with the Kappa in Harvest Moon (or knows the old Japanese folklore) knows that he only responds to Cucumbers. In FoMT and MFoMT, you need quite a few Cucumbers in order to gain the Blue Power Berry. In HMB&G, you need only 3. Furthermore, you can offer them one after another on the same day. In this game, you will obtain a Mystic Berry. To me, it looked much like a Red Power Berry, but it does not show up in your Shipping Menu... As a matter of fact, I believe it is the equivalent of the Blue Power Berry in FoMT and MFoMT and that it strengthens you against Fatigue.

The Kappa, incidentally, lives in the Lake, as one may have guessed. You must throw your Cucumbers at a precise location or the offering will be ignored. You must stand on the shore SOUTH of the bridge at a place where the shoreline juts into the water. From that location, you will see two trees side by side in the northwest and a tree stump to the west of the trees. You must make the offerings after noon as well or he will not appear. (He is a late riser!) It is an amusing little series of events.

The first time, only the top of his head will appear above the water. The second time, he will emerge to the point where you can see his head. The third time, you will be able to see him in all his legendary glory... That was tongue in cheek. He actually is a very peculiar little chap, not glorious at all! (Amazingly, you can court and marry the Kappa in More Friends of Mineral Town.)

It is on this third occasion that he will give you the Mystic Berry as a sort of bribe not to bother him again.

To gain the Power Berry from the Harvest Goddess, you must offer 5 crops grown on your field at the Goddess Spring. Again, you can do this in a single day if you choose. She then will give you a Red Power Berry. Do this during daylight hours before 6.00 p.m.

The third Power Berry is found in the Spring Mine. You must dig for it with your Hoe. I found it on the 6th floor I believe, but its appearance is rather random. When you go to the Mine specifically to search for it, spend half an hour in the Hot Spring beforehand to restore any energy lost previously during the day.

Red Power Berries, as in FoMT and MFoMT, each give you a 10% boost to your Stamina.

N.B. In the early weeks of the game, you may wish to ship your Spring crops instead of using a total of eight of them to procure two magical Berries... It is up to you, of course. It may be helpful to have the extra strength provided by the Power Berries before the Opening Day contest at the Beach on 1 Summer.

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