Monday, February 18, 2008

The Star Festival with Rock

If you accept Rock's invitation to spend the Star Festival with his family, yu must go to the Inner Inn at 6.00 p.m. on 24 Winter. You automatically will be taken to the kitchen where you will find Ruby at the cooker and Rock at a table laden with apple pie and grape juice. You may be slightly uncomfortable at the underlying hostility that seems to exist between Ruby and her son. Faced with his usual enthusiasm and lust for life, she essentially will ask rather sarcastically if HE made any contribution in terms of labour... Rock will shrug off the question, saying it isn't important whether or not he did and suggest that every one simply enjoy the Festival.

It appears that Ruby is growing weary of supporting and caring for her adult son... If you marry him, she will be shocked but rather relieved that some one is willing to take over the burden of his upkeep. Frankly, I find Rock's insouciant attitude quite attractive and would be happy to choose him if, as in 'Another Wonderful Life', my choices were restricted to the three original eligible bachelors. As the Mineral Town bachelors and Skye have been added to the mix, however, Rock's standing in my list has fallen somewhat and he now is placed third below Skye and Grey...

My only question about the event was the whereabouts of Nami. I rather expected her to be included... Faced with her absence, I assumed then that she had spent the evening with Gustafa but when I later experienced the Festival with Gustafa, Nami was nowhere to be seen.

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