Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rock's Methods of Courtship: Talk about Lumina!

Rock is the eternal adolescent, totally clueless but ultimately with a naive charm that allows him to breeze through life and win hearts as he does. His Yellow Heart Event is so quintessentially Rock that one cannot help but be won over, despite the fact that he makes an utter mess out of everything!

Basically, the event begins with Rock alone in his room, creating a master plan of seduction. He believes it is imperative NOT to let you know that he likes you. When you enter, he proceeds to wax eloquent about Lumina. Both screens darken again and again to portray the passage of time as he relates experience after experience in which Lumina shines brilliantly.

Finally, you are given a choice between two responses:
Are you dating Lumina?
Stop talking! Please!

If you beg him to stop talking, he will be injured beyond belief, asking: 'Is it that bad to have a conversation with me?'

He will order you to leave but, once the door has slammed behind you, be utterly distressed by the turn of events.

'Oh no! Now I've really done it! She'll never talk to me again...'

Then, however, with that sunny and optimistic disposition that characterises him, he will console himself: 'No! I can get her back! Next time I see her, I gotta be more cheerful!'

Freya, however, did not ask him to stop talking, as she had some interest in discovering the true state of affairs. She asked him instead if he were dating Lumina.

Rock was completely taken aback by THAT question, although he even had stated quite clearly: 'I bet Lumina would make a great wife.'

He protested, 'No way!!!' He then added: 'Ac... actually! I like you way more than her, Freya! I just ... didn't want you to know, so I talked about Lumina and stuff!'

The truly touching declaration is given only if you speak to him AFTER the event ends, before you leave the room. He then will tell you: 'Sure, I like Lumina, but I like Freya the most of all!'

I admit that he is immature and irresponsible, but he IS awfully cute... and my heart melted when he told me he liked me 'the most of all'. I still hope to marry Skye, but if that is impossible, I may offer Rock my Blue Feather...

Next, I am off to the yurt to experience Gustafa's 4th Heart Event... Griffin and Marlin were the first to reach Yellow Heart as I gave them gifts on their birthdays, receiving the x5 bonus for those gifts. As Griffin is thrilled with the simple gift of a small fish, it is easy to court him. Marlin loves wine, making him a little more expensive to court, but still easy. If you have treated all bachelors fairly equally, Carter still may be the last to reach Yellow Heart, unless you gave him Lithographs every day... I didn't have the energy for that, so boosted him +300 AP daily with a riceball instead. Now that I have a kitchen, I can give him Sashimi and that speeded the process greatly.

Sad to say, there is NOTHING to give Skye that will raise his AP more than +300 daily until you have a Pot... At the start of Autumn, the Pot has not been offered yet, so I am forced to court him at a snail's pace with toiletries or jewelry.

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