Monday, February 11, 2008

Carter's Marriage Proposal Event


Finally, my Marriage Proposal to Carter... This, of all the Proposals to Valley bachelors probably was the most dramatic in terms of Flora's responses. There were a few sticky moments when I thought she would resort to her 'Lovely Maiden' technique to dispose of me, her successful rival. Little does she know, but I am going to let her have him ultimately. I am choosing the one Valley bachelor for whom I have no rival (or perhaps for whom EVERY woman is a potential rival), Skye.

I usually do this in Harvest Moon games in order to be able to marry off all the other couples. If I take the possible spouse of one of my Rivals, she will be left eternally out in the cold. For example, despite Muffy's hope that she could find some one else someday, if she is not given a chance to marry Griffin, she will be doomed to spinsterhood. If Skye were some one like the Gourmet, I don't know if I would be as generous, but in the circumstances, he is a rather wonderful male creature with the ability to excite and delight...

To return to Flora, however, note how unpleasant she can be when she remarks that she 'didn't know you had a thing for older men, Freya'. To imply that my proposal to Carter is based upon some bizarre GENERAL obsession with old men is truly nasty. It is odd as well, given the fact that SHE is interested in Carter. Does that mean that she has a 'thing' for older men?

When told that she no longer will be obliged to cook for Carter, she whines that she will be reduced to the depressing situation of eating alone. I mean, really! What does she expect, that Carter will forego wife and home to eat her despicable Curries???

Take a look at Carter here... he really does look quite old after she succeeds in laying a guilt trip on him...

Well, I try to be a good friend to every one in Harvest Moon, so I shall break off the engagement, allow Flora to heal his broken heart and finally marry him herself. Perhaps I will obtain a promise from her first not to force the poor man to eat the dish he hates above all others if I surrender him to her.

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