Sunday, February 17, 2008

Triggering Skye's Marriage Proposal Event


When you have Skye at 60,000 AP or higher, you need not propose to him at all. Simply having the Blue Feather in your rucksack automatically will trigger the Marriage Proposal event! The logic of this is clear: he is coming to your house to STEAL the Blue Feather away from you. This is what he states in the event itself.

Skye is not motivated by greed or a desire for profit. The reason why he plans to steal the Blue Feather from you is his fear that you will use it to propose to some one else!

It is only if you have the Blue Feather in your Rucksack, however, that he will KNOW that you own one. If it is in your Tool Box, the event will not trigger. If you attempt to propose to Skye yourself by flourishing the Blue Feather when you meet him anywhere in the Valley, he will say: 'Are you gonna give your love to some one else, Freya?'

This is a hint, of course. Skye fears a rival for your affections. Rather than accepting your marriage proposal if you display the Blue Feather on the road, he immediately will leap to the conclusion that you intend to propose to another.

He therefore will come to your house and leave one of his signature notes, telling you of his plan to visit you to 'steal your heart'.

In fact, it is the Blue Feather that he plans to steal as, beneath all his bravado and easy charm, Skye considers himself to be a 'no good thief' without any value as a spouse. It is up to you to convince him otherwise.

This is the stuff of classical romance. In fact, there are many courtships in Harvest Moon games that depend on your ability to boost the self-esteem of a bachelor. In Mineral Town, there is Cliff, a boy who is painfully shy and who is consumed by doubts and the tragedy of his past. There is Grey, staggering beneath the burden of his grandfather's high expectations and his own desire to create something worthy. Marlin is tormented by the spectre of his physical weakness and his need to prove himself a 'real man'. Griffin and Carter both are very conscious of their age and fear that you would prefer a younger man...

Skye's lack of self-esteeem will not be manifested until he reaches a fairly high level of affection. His Chick-Beam always is at hand to protect his freedom should you decide to side with society against him. In his Yellow Heart event, he will be surprised if you choose to support him against your neighbours, allowing him to escape.

Whether or not you flourish the Blue Feather in a meeting with him, the presence of it in your rucksack will trigger the Marriage Proposal event, provided Skye is at 60,000 AP or higher...

Having married Skye, I forced myself to reload the game BEFORE the Marriage proposal Event occurred and then stored the Blue Feather safely away in my Tool Box to prevent the event from triggering again at this point.

I still meet him on the road at night to give him a gift so that he will not lose heart... when I have experienced all the Mineral Town Heart Events, I will return the Blue Feather to my rucksack once more in order to trigger Skye's Marriage Proposal Event...

It is VERY difficult to continue my single life now, knowing that I could marry Skye simply by placing the Blue Feather in my rucksack again...

I have to remind myself that my primary duty in any Harvest Moon game is farming not romance, but the endless cycle of feeding and caring for my many animals day after day while awaiting the Starry Night Festival is onerous when all I can think about is SKYE!!!

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