Sunday, February 17, 2008

The delightful madcap Witch Princess

When Harvest Moon DS first was released, I was as entranced by the mischievous Witch Princess as I am about Skye in HM Cute. The only problem there was the necessity that you kill 50 of your livestock in order to satisfy her marriage requirements.

Even so, I remained rather attracted to her... and find her fully as enchanting in Cute. She is the ultimate rebel against conventional society and some of her pronouncements are hilarious.

When you attain Orange Heart with her, she will tell you: 'Nice to see you, Freya. Let me know if you die. I'll bring you back with my potions.'

She made a similar offer in the original Harvest Moon DS... As helpful as she may be here, how on earth are you supposed to let her know if you are dead?

Her glee when she receives a piece of Chocolate Cake at the Winter Thanks-Fest, a gift that formerly was intended only for boys, is fully in character. If she did not require the death of so many beloved animals, I would not hesitate either to wed her or make her my official 'Best Friend'. Unfortunately, although this is possible in the original Japanese version of Cute, it is not possible in the upcoming Natsume English edition of the game.

Incidentally, whenever she gives you her special gift, she will tell you that it has no value, but this is a small misrepresentation on her part. If you carry her gift or the gift of the Harvest Goddess in your rucksack for a full day and night, you will gain points towards the next level of your Farming Degree.

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