Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That legendary evil beast Mukumuku...


Poor Mukumuku!!! Described as a 'legendary evil beast', he can be found in the Valley only during the Winter Season. He is a Yeti, an 'Abominable Snowman', but in fact is the sweetest, most innocent creature one ever could encounter... but Daryl doesn't think so! Daryl is determined to capture the evil beast...

This conflict between the two characters is nothing new. In 'A Wonderful Life', Daryl's greatest ambition was the capture of Mukumuku. There were a number of events in the game wherein Daryl tried one sort of bait after another in an attempt to lure Mukumuku into captivity. He never succeeded.

Your character, on the other hand, can establish a close relationship with the Yeti very easily. Simply give him a flower and you will raise his FP by 9 points. In fact, the 1st day of Winter is Mukumuku's birthday. It is your first opportunity to meet him as well. He will appear at a position near the Goddess Spring at 4.00 p.m. each day in Winter. Give him any sort of flower to raise his FP. On the 1st day of Winter, you will find him at 32 FP. Giving him one flower will raise his FP to 77FP as it is worth 5x its ordinary value. Give him two more to raise him above 100FP.

Even without raising his friendship level, you can experience his first event on 1 Winter by entering and exiting the Sprite Company Tree. You then will experience an event involving Daryl and Mukumuku...

It is the first installment in HM Cute of the historial conflict between the two... Daryl attempts to capture the 'legendary evil beast', determined to use his own strength rather than the bait his 'ancestor' used in 'A Wonderful Life'.

(There is a strange little twist in the game wherein all characters supposedly are the descendants of their identical 'ancestors' in previous games. I prefer to think of them as the same characters myself... after all, they have the same appearance, the same names, the same Likes and Dislikes and the same histories.)

It is a little laughable to consider Daryl in the role of strongman, especially if you have experienced his Goddess Spring event with Flora, and witnessed his utter defeat at her hands! As one might imagine, Daryl is no more successful in capturing Mukumuku than his 'ancestor'.

If you raise Mukumuku to 100 FP on 1 Winter by giving him flowers on his birthday, you will experience another event with him on 2 Winter when you exit your farmhouse.

You will experience the first of Thomas' Winter Request events as well... In the case of Thomas, he will come to your door requesting a random item in order to win a wager with the 'Mayor of a neighbouring town'. Give him the item he requests in order to obtain a piece of Golden Lumber AND rescue a Sprite.

In the case of Mukumuku, if you have raised his FP to 100, he will appear at your door with a gift: a Big Fish! It is a very brief encounter but rather sweet. If you are interested in experiencing all of Leia's events, give her the Big Fish, as it is her Most Favourite item. You should try to have her at Yellow Heart level at least by the end of Winter, as you then will be able to catch a Bottled Message for her with a mystrile fishing rod in Spring.

The Bottled Message can be caught only if you have a fishing rod at mystrile level and only if Leia is at Yellow Heart level or higher. If you have been visiting her regularly with gifts, you should have her at Orange Heart level by the beginning of Winter, well on her way to deepest red... Remember, even in Cute, you can 'propose' to any of the Magical Girls and have a 'Best Friend' instead of a spouse.

There are more events with Mukumuku, but they will be covered later...

N.B. The second photograph shows Mukumuku at his regular position near the Goddess Spring and at your first encounter with him, when he will be at 32FP. Freya gives him a Blue Magic Grass flower to raise his FP instantly to 77FP on his birthday.

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