Friday, February 8, 2008

Gustafa' 4th Heart Event

Shaggy has asked for a photograph of Gustafa's Yurt. As Gustafa's 4th and final Heart Event occurs in the yurt, this will be a good opportunity to discuss it and display a couple of photographs of Gustafa's home.

For me, the Yurt represents the most appealing aspect of Gustafa. I love nomadic dwellings of any kind and Gustafa's yurt both in 'A Wonderful Life' and in HM DS is charming. The exotic musical instruments he owns add to its appeal.

I wish I liked Gustafa himself a little better. Perhaps one of the reasons I dislike him is the fact that my own family has more than its fair share of musicians and artists, all of whom believe that the rest of the world exists mainlyy to provide them with all the necessities of life.

In his Fourth Heart event, Gustafa will ask you to tell him about your life on the farm.

You will have the option either of agreeing to his request or telling him that 'it's a secret!' I laughed outright when I saw that option. I always experience all possible outcomes if possible in any event. Telling Gustafa that the details of my farm chores were 'a secret' was most amusing. I got his disapproving face for that one! (You will see it in the photograph of Gustafa with downgraded green heart if you tell him that your life is a 'secret' that cannot be revealed to an outsider such as he.)

The correct response, of course, is to give him a glimpse of the life of a devoted farmer. As you show him evidence of the back-breaking labour it involves, he will exclaim that he thinks life with you on your farm would be 'fun' because it would inspire him with material for many songs!

There is no indication that HE wishes to perform any farm labour. He tells you simply that: 'After hearing you talk, I kind of feel like living on a ranch now! I bet it'd be fun to live with you... I'd be able to write a lot of good songs for sure.'

One imagines him lounging about strumming on his lute or guitar, watching me fuel his poetic imagination by tilling the fields, harvesting the crops, chopping wood and smashing stones...

I think NOT! The worst part of this event is that after you have spent endless time showing him all the tasks you perform, he tells you that while you have given him the inspiration for a great song, 'I'll need some time to finish it though.'

I had hoped at least for a musical performance!

I shouldn't be so nasty about Gustafa. He is an amiable character, although there are hints that he is a bit judgmental towards non-vegetarians. Try giving him a fish sometime and you will see what I mean... God forbid you ever should speak to him of the glories of a good steak and potato dinner!

(If you give him a raw fish or sashimi, he will tell you that he hates raw fish and will cook and eat it later, but he obviously has no intention of eating it at all as, when you give him Grilled Fish or Fish Stew, his mouth will turn down and he will say: '.................... I want to sing a sad song.')

As I detest fish myself, I really should not be so hard on poor Gustafa... What is it about the man...? Rock cheerfully declares his intention not to work for a living, but I find his honest laziness rather appealing... Oh well... I'll still marry Gustafa one day and treat him well, feeding him his Most Favourite 'Hot Milk' every morning when he awakens. I don't expect I'll go so far as to have a child with him though. Life, even in Harvest Moon, is far too short to spend years with a man who doesn't appeal to one.

I have included a photograph of the exterior of Gustafa's Yurt in response to Shaggy's request for one. All photographs are taken from my own gameplay. It's rather an onerous process and they are not professional at all, but they are not intended for any commercial use in any case. I simply am sharing them with fans as a sort of preview of the upcoming English version of Cute.

I will try to obtain a better one of the exterior. It is far more difficult to take a good photograph of the upper screen than the bottom one with my little camera.

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Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Thanks for posting a pic of Gustafa's Yurt. The Fisherman's Yurt in Innocent Life bore more resemblance to the Yurts that I know however.

Gustafa sounds just like quite a few Hippies I know! Hee Hee!

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