Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friendship Levels can be found in Dialogue

Even if eligible bachelors and girls did not display their heart levels in bright, bold colours, you could tell where you stood with any individual by his/her conversation. This is true both in Mineral Town and Forget-Me-Not Valley. In each case, however, you must discover the location and time when you can speak to a person in order to assess heart levels.

In Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon Cute DS, you can buy a Love Bangle at the Casino window and wear it whenever you speak to any individual, but in Mineral Town, you have to judge most individuals, apart from eligible spouses, by their conversation.

Even in Forget-Me-Not Valley, however, it is interesting to speak to individuals at every level in order to obtain the maximum information and enjoyment of the game.

I know I have written other posts about this, but I wished to share some of the things that bachelors in HM Cute will say when they are madly in love with you.

For example, when you speak to Marlin at Vesta's house, his dialogue will not vary, but if you find him at the Storeroom, his conversation will change as his affection for you rises.

As Marlin is shy and inarticulate at the best of times, it is not so much his conversation as his expression that will indicate his state of mind. At red heart level, he will blush fiercely as he says, 'Oh, I was just thinking... It's okay, don't worry about it.' It would be evident to the least sensitive of women that he has been thinking about YOU at this point.

The dialogue both of Carter and Flora will not change if you encounter them in the Tent, but when you speak to them in the Excavation Site, you will obtain an indication of their feelings for you.

Carter at orange heart will say: 'I work much better with you by my side, Freya.'
Flora says, 'Oh Freya... I've been waiting for you. It's so much fun digging with you, Freya. You're my best friend.'

Meet Muffy in her bedroom and her dialogue remains constant. Griffin's dialogue changes in his bedroom only according to his FP level but not his AP or Heart Level. It is when they are behind the counter of the Blue Bar that you really know where you stand with them.

Muffy at maximum FP of 255 will tell you: 'I've never had as good a friend as you, Freya. I hope we stay the best of friends.'

Griffin at red heart becomes touchingly lyrical when he says, 'You're like the sun, Freya. When you come to the bar, everything just lights up.'

I suppose one shouldn't forget he is as much a musician and poet as Gustafa, although he hides HIS light under a bushel most of the time, unlike Gustafa. Few are they who have heard Griffin play...

One of the earliest events involving Griffin's hidden musical talents occurs in 'A Wonderful Life'...

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