Monday, February 11, 2008

Marlin's Marriage Proposal Event

Here are photographs of the Marriage Proposal Event with Marlin. The expression on his face is most peculiar. Marlin can be rather good-looking in his own way, but the expression he exhibited when I proposed was almost too much to bear.

Marlin has one grave flaw: his delicate health has made him hyper-sensitive, and he reacts with a rather unattractive machismo at times. When you propose to him, he will accept but then tell you that proposals of marriage should be initiated by the man! He then proceeds to propose to YOU.

When he tells Vesta and Celia of the engagement, Vesta threatens him with GBH should he misbehave. She takes the jest quite far in fact... curious when dealing with a man whom she won't allow out in the rain.

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