Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Skye's Fifth Heart Event: A Moral Dilemma


In Skye's Fifth and final Heart Event, you are called upon to declare and manifest your loyalty. Is it to your village and your neighbours or is it to Skye? I have to confess that, although my choice never was in doubt, I did experience a little qualm when I pretended not to know Skye's whereabouts. The village unites against him in force. If one didn't have sympathy (and love) for him at this point, one surely would feel a little sorry for him when Ruby, Rock, Nami, Marlin, Vesta and Celia march down the path in the manner of the Assyrian who 'came down like a wolf on the fold'. In a military wedge formation, they really did present an intimidating appearance.

A moment earlier, I had promised Skye that I would pretend I hadn't seen him... A moment earlier, he had gazed soulfully into my eyes before he disappeared south towards the beach. And yet... and yet, I am part of this village now. I owe my neighbours and friends some loyalty as well. In fact, the posse included two bachelors who are at red heart level now, making it doubly a betrayal to choose Skye.

Nonetheless, even if I weren't in love with Skye, I always would tend to side with the 'underdog' in any confrontation. To witness my lovely Skye being HOUNDED by the villagers of Forget-Me-Not Valley was a very distressing experience indeed.

I do believe in happy endings, though, and I have a feeling that Skye will be accepted by my neighbours and friends quite readily if I marry him. The people of Forget-Me-Not Valley are generous and forgiving. He never harmed any one really. His theft of a bottle of wine and a few vegetables and a possible artifact or two surely can be overlooked fairly easily, particularly if he 'retires' from his old career...

N.B. There is no error here. Skye's Yellow Heart Event is his FIFTH Heart event. He alone of the eligible bachelors has five rather than the four traditional Heart Events. The fourth is a Green Heart Event and the Fifth is his Yellow Heart Event. Other bachelors do not have a Green Heart Event, although there is a Green Rival Heart Event for each that will advance your Rival's courtship of the bachelor.


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Wow Skye certainly is the biggest catch! I would have sided with him to, but more because, I dislike vigilantism.


Gwen Sim said...

Hey Freyashawk. I ahb-soulutely love your blog! It was really useful for me when I was a beginner at Harvest Moon. I have a question... I wonder what would have happened if you chose the wrong answer and betryed him. As much as I love Skye as you do, one but cannot help but wonder right?

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Gwen Sim. I am glad you have found this site helpful. It is only the tip of the iceberg though. Most of the information is in the actual game guides I write. In fact, if you look at my Courtship and Marriage Guide for HM Cute DS, you will find the complete text of all of Skye's Heart Events with all possible responses and results!