Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Faith in Harvest Moon is vindicated!

When I missed Part II of Skye's 3rd Heart Event because Carter failed to enter his tent BEFORE midnight on Sunday night, I spoke to Natsume to try to find out if it would ruin my chances of marrying Skye. I was told rather depressingly that I had to experience both parts of the event in order to be able to move forward with the romance. According to Natsume, my chance of marrying Skye had gone with my failure to experience Part II of one of his heart events.

At first I was filled with despair, even beginning a new game in the 2nd slot to try to make a new life that would allow me to court Skye. Then, however, my analytical mind set to work to dissect the entire process of Heart Events... and I began to believe that I still had a chance with Skye in my first game.

I am kind of an expert in Courtship matters in Harvest Moon, but how could I be more of an expert than the people at Natsume? Well, the fact of the matter is that Harvest Moon games are not linear. Many factors determine the progress of the game. Natsume constantly is at work on new games, not having as much time to explore existing games as players do. In my Harvest Moon games, I try to court ALL the eligible spouses, then marry each and every one of them, documenting the results of every response in any event as well. In other words, I am insanely devoted to Harvest Moon...

I began to think about Harvest Events in HM Cute DS in order to try to resurrect my own hope that I could continue to court Skye.

In every Heart Event with ANY bachelor, there is a 'positive' and a 'negative' ending, sometimes even two of each in Cute. If you reject the bachelor's advances or invitation at the very start of the Heart Event, often the event will terminate abruptly and you will not experience the 'main' portion of the event...

This does not prevent you from experiencing the next Heart Event, however. What it does is lower the bachelor's heart level, setting you back a little in your courtship.

Why would Skye's events be any different?

I continued therefore to meet Skye nightly when he entered the Valley, raising his AP by +300 points slowly but surely. I grieved for the event that I had missed, but hoped that it would not prevent me from experiencing the next one.

Tonight, I discovered that my faith had not been misplaced. At 6.00 a.m., I crossed the bridge towards Vesta's farm and triggered Part I of Skye's 4th Heart Event.

At 10.00 p.m., determined not to take any chances of missing Part II, I entered Vesta's Farmhouse.

Vesta, Celia and Marlin stood together at the foot of the stairs.

Vesta: We'll get that lily-livered thief tonight!

We split up into two groups. Vesta and I accost Skye in the midst of the ripened aubergines. He uses his Chick-Beam on us, then walks north where he is accosted by the second group consisting of Celia and Marlin. He uses the Chick-Beam on them as well. Only Celia is affected but Marlin does nothing and Skye makes a leisurely exit after telling Marlin that there is no mystique in being caught by a man.

It was amusing to witness Marlin's obvious hostility towards the charming thief. I had to include a photograph of the moment when Marlin cried: 'Back off, pretty boy!'
If you recall Skye's 1st Heart Event, you will note that he used the same line that he used there on Lumina on Vesta in THIS event. To tell Vesta that anger ruins her beauty is absolutely hilarious. It appears that older women such as Vesta are not as easily seduced by Skye's flirtatious manner! She remains obdurately fixed upon the threat to her precious vegetables.

You may have noted that, on the 1st day of ANY growing season, Vesta's crops are fully ripe and ready for harvest. Why does the Harvest Goddess favour her so???

Having waited so long and worked so hard to experience this event, I found I was a little disappointed in the lack of romance. Unlike other events, he did not say anything personal to me!

Well, there is one more event... and the Yellow Heart Event usually is the most romantic in any courtship. At least I am grateful that I still have a chance to court the elusive thief!


Mountain Gnome said...

HI Freyashawk

That is so cool, I had thought that you'd still have a chance to marry Skye but would just be set back a little by this slippery sexy character. Chick beams, man he sure is a babe magnet! *WINK WINK*

quote "You may have noted that, on the 1st day of ANY growing season, Vesta's crops are fully ripe and ready for harvest. Why does the Harvest Goddess favour her so???"

Yeah indeed, and in HM:B&G why does the wild dog never bother Rick and Popuri?

I have idea for a story with the that Wild Dog!

Keep Well

PS: How do you make those photo's, & If I could be so presumptious to ask if you'd post a photo of Gustafa's Yurt. :-)

Freyashawk said...

Dear Shaggy,

I am looking forward to your story. I have posted some photographs of the yurt for you now, with a description of Gustafa's 4th Heart Event.

Actually, it was a good thing that I missed Part II of Skye's 3rd Heart Event, although I grieved. It allowed me to prove the point for my guide. I usually will not accept the word of another player on something this important. By making the error myself, I can state quite categorically that you need only experience Part I of any event in order to be eligible to court Skye... I have sent that information to Natsume as well for their records.

Ah, the Wild Dog! An ugly little fierce beast indeed but you are quite right to note that only YOUR animals are threatened. Perhaps there is an evil side to Rick and the dog is a secret agent, set upon you to prevent you from becoming TOO successful a competitor. And don't forget Yodel's Farm... the dog doesn't harry those cows and sheep either.
In HM DS and HM Cute, there actually appear to be a pair of wild dogs and they often can be found hanging about the 'trailer park' where Cody has his caravan. Whenever you visit him there, the dogs are completely docile and do not even bare their teeth or bark!
It is only when the dog enters YOUR property that he becomes a lean, mean fighting machine...

vaughns sweet heart said...

i love vaughn
i was so right shaggy likes you!he must be like crazy about you!