Friday, February 8, 2008

Flora and the 'Lovely Maiden' Fighting Style

Anyone who is familiar with the interactions between Carter and Flora will realise quickly that she is rather a daunting individual, strong-willed and quite determined to have things her own way. She is very unlike an 'assistant' in many respects, behaving more like the one in charge in any given situation.

In fact, she evidently is an accomplished martial artist and in Cute, she will offer to teach your character some of her moves if you are at a high enough friendship level with her.

Your first glimpse of Flora's expertise, however, is in the 'stalking event' with Daryl at the Goddess Spring. In this event, Flora senses some one watching her. She lays a trap for Daryl who rather inexplicably (considering he has a beautiful mermaid in his bathtub) is besotted with her.

Waxing lyrical, he calls her 'My Angel', but she is unimpressed and lays a trap for him, then proceeds to beat him mercilessly, using her martial arts techniques.

It is only in the event where she acts as your Sensei, however, that you become aware of the full measure of her abilities. If you accept her offer to teach you her art, she will work with you quite exhaustively, not allowing you to stop your training until you fully have mastered the technique of the 'Lovely Maiden'.

Incidentally, an 11 year old Harvest Moon fan named Natalie wrote a diverting tale about Flora's encounter with Daryl in the 'boy' version of Harvest Moon DS. That story will be found on my webpage devoted to Harvest Moon fan fiction: 'We Love Harvest Moon'.

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