Friday, February 15, 2008

The Romantic Festivals of Winter

In Harvest Moon Cute as well as the original Harvest Moon DS, two of the Romantic festivals in the game occur during the Winter season. First, there is the Winter Thanksgiving or Winter Thanks-Fest, occurring on 14 Winter. This is the day when girls give Chocolate Cake to the boys they like. It is a 'return gift' ideally for the gift of Cookies given by the boys to the girls at the Spring Thanksgiving Festival on 14 Spring.

In your first year in Cute, you cannot have any bachelor at a high enough level to give you Cookies on 14 Spring. Your first opportunity to celebrate the Thanksgiving Festivals will be on 14 Winter. Bake Chocolate Cake and give it to every bachelor to raise AP by 1000 points for each.

In my own game, I could have proposed marriage and been accepted by any of the ordinary bachelors of Forget-Me-Not Valley since the delivery of the Big Bed on 26 Fall, but I wish to experience all Romantic Festivals with each bachelor as well as completing all four heart events for the Mineral Town bachelors.

Furthermore, the bachelor I intend to marry ultimately is Skye, but not until I have experienced ALL heart events for ALL bachelors as well as Leia's 4th Heart Event in Spring. She is at red heart level now as well.

The Spring and Winter Thanksgiving Festivals in Japan (and Harvest Moon) are the Japanese equivalent of the Western St. Valentine's Day celebration. In Japan, it is divided into two separate celebrations, one for women and one for men.

In any case, here are the responses of two of the Forget-Me-Not Valley bachelors to the gift of a piece of Chocolate Cake on 14 Winter.

Rock: I thought you'd give it to me, Freya. Thanks. Look forward to the spring!
Gustafa: Oh? The Winter Thanks-Fest? Thank you. but I haven't given anything to you this Spring, Freya. I'll remember next year.

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