Thursday, February 21, 2008

Furthermore, the Magical Girls Break their Promises!!!

On the occasion of the Winter Thanksgiving or Winter Thanks-Fest as it is called in Cute, I gave Chocolate Cake to every bachelor and all the Magical Girls. Each one professed himself or herself sorry that I had not been given a gift at the Spring Thanksgiving but promised to bring me one the next Spring... Both Leia and the Witch Princess quite clearly vowed that each would bring me a Spring Thanksgiving Gift. The Harvest Goddess treated the gift as she would any ordinary offering and as every one knows, Keira does not really TALK, but she was happy to receive the Cake!

On 14 Spring, I had many visitors:
At 6.00 a.m. Marlin came to my door bearing Chocolate Cookies.
At 8.00 a.m., Gustafa came to the door with a similar offering.
At 10.00 a.m., Rock breezed by the farmhouse with his plate of Chocolate Cookies (whipped up no doubt by his mother in her kitchen)
At 12 noon, I answered Carter's knock at the door and received a platter of Chocolate cookies from the renowned archaeologist.
At 2.00 p.m., I was greeted by Griffin who bore a plate of... Chocolate Cookies!
Finally, at 4.00 p.m. in broad daylight, Skye braved the dangers of arrest by vigilante or police officer in order to bestow the traditional Spring Thanksgiving gift upon me.

THAT in itself was well worth the dreary days of waiting to propose to him. Tonight, I will remove the Blue Feather finally from its place in my Tool Box and place it in my rucksack before I leap into bed.

I now have received Spring Thanksgiving gifts from all the bachelors and am ready to marry my beloved Skye.

I have six plates of Chocolate Cookies now, all indistinguishable one from the other. I did store Skye's Cookies in a separate place in my refrigerator in order to keep it FOREVER... one day I will show my child those Cookies, the very first Spring Thanksgiving gift from the love of my life.

I wonder though how many of these Cookies were prepared by the bachelors themselves or whether they ALL went to Ruby in order to procure their Thanksgiving Cookies! I daresay Skye made his own! Ruby is out for his blood for a start but apart from that, he enjoys cooking and is very adept at the art. To be honest, however, I would prize them even if they were made of sawdust, if they came from Skye...

I have to state, however, that I am severely disappointed in the Magical Girls. In vain did I wait for THEIR visits. Neither Leia nor the Witch Princess, both at deepest red heart level, brought me a gift... Keira at a lower level did not appear either, but really... the other two HAD promised!!!

You will see the evidence of the promise of the Witch Princess here in a photograph I captured, not realising that it might be required later as proof of a promise broken!

That's the last time I give either of them ANYTHING, except on their birthdays. It would be too uncouth not to continue to remember birthdays, but apart from that, they have lost much of the stature they once had in my eye.

Enough of that, though. Having enjoyed my brief experience as 'belle of the ball', I now will concentrate on bringing all the bachelors to marriage with my erstwhile rivals. If I am to live happily ever after with my Skye, every one else should be as happy as we...


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me aware again of how beautifully involved one can become in the game! I wish you a happy life with your beloved Skye when you eventually get to marry him!

Kind Regards

KalypsoCry said...

Well, I'm not sure whether you can get them to marry your rivals now, seeing that you've managed to get them all to Red Heart... dunno.

Can't believe Skye could get past all of them though. Maybe he used his chick beam to freeze everyone as he walked to you? XD

It's kinda sad that they removed the BF system, and that the girls don't bring you gifts at all. Dunno. Maybe they had amensia or something. Doesn't matter, though I do look forward to getting Skye myself.

Freyashawk said...

Shaggy, thanks! Harvest Moon is intensely real to me and to many other players... I know you have experienced this yourself. It does allow us to live 'happily ever after' in ONE world at least.

Kalypsocry, it is indeed possible to trigger all rival heart events even after one has brought all eligible spouses to red heart level. One simply must LOWER the heart levels. In HM DS and Cute, you can use the 'Secret Weapon of Hate' to do this. I now have written a post about this, as I often receive emails from players asking about this...

The 'Chick-Beam' is a clever thought, but you have to remember that it only works on girls or 'chicks'. Skye used it in his fourth heart event at Vesta's farm when Marlin and Celia accosted him. Only Celia was affected... it only served to make Marlin more furious! Marlin's inaction was caused by his focus on Celia... in fact, afterwards, I think this is why he says it was his fault that Skye got away.

The BF system was removed because of its potential to upset people who have nasty minds... It wasn't worth the grief, even though I personally thought it was an innocent and charming alternative to marriage, especially for young children who might not be ready to think in terms of marriage. A Magical gift of a child from a mermaid or Witch Princess is rather sweet, like the proverbial stork who brings babies tied in a blanket!