Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Value of Rubbish in Harvest Moon

Are you disgusted when you smash a rock and find a piece of Junk Ore instead of a gem? Do you become impatient with all the weeds that spring up constantly on every plot of land during Spring, Summer and Autumn? Are you disappointed when your fishing efforts net an old boot, a fishbone or an old tin instead of a Big Fish, Pirate Treasure or Fossil of Fish? Don't be! Every item in Harvest Moon can be utilised in a positive fashion. Every piece of rubbish has some value.

Obviously, you can ship any item of rubbish that you find but its shipping value is fairly minimal at 1G.

Old tins and fishbones are an acceptable gift for the Witch Princess. Her AP will increase by 300 points and her FP by 3 points when you give her a fishbone or tin. Do NOT make the mistake of giving her an old boot, though. She is quite particular when it comes to the rubbish that she values.

Apart from this, however, weeds, junk ore and rubbish can be extremely useful. In Spring, Summer and Autumn, collect and store weeds for cooking. There are a number of recipes that require a weed as an ingredient. You may make some of them only once but there are other recipes that you may wish to make again and again.

Oddly enough, the recipes you may wish to make most are the 'Failed Recipes'. They can be made using ANY ingredient that cannot be made or combined into a dish successfully... but why should you waste ingredients with shipping values? Use a Weed, a piece of Junk ore or rubbish to make the six 'Failed Dishes' required as ingredients in Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry and Elli Leaves. It is during the Winter Season especially that you may value the Junk Ore and rubbish that you obtain, as weeds cannot be found in Winter. I usually save 99 in my shelf for this purpose but it is good to know that supplies of Junk Ore are inexhaustible in ANY season...

Not that I wouldn't be willing to use the most valuable items, even Mythic Stone, to create Failed Dishes to use in Finest Curry designated for Skye, but why do that when a piece of Junk Ore or Weed will have the same result?


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Curries are notorious in respect to their ingredients! Growing up, I had friends of Indian descent, who made awesome curries. The ingredients were a closely guarded secret, but the reason for the secret, I assume, was due to the fact that, if I knew them, I may have baulked at eating the curry, no matter how delicious it was! :-)

I really am enjoying your posts!

Keep well and Happy Valentines Day!
kind regards

Freyashawk said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Shaggy! May it be filled with magic and joy.

I am glad you are enjoying my adventures in 'Cute'. As far as Curry is concerned, I lived in Nepal for a time as a young girl and learned to make many different styles of curry there... there were no real 'recipes'. It was all measurement by eye and hand, something that took practice and skill. It never tasted quite the same though when I tried to make it in the West. The ingredients could not be duplicated perfectly!
I was a little surprised by the central position of Curry in Harvest Moon. I had not realised it was that popular a dish in Japan.

Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Valentines day came and went. I try not to buy into the commercial aspect of it, but did enjoy a romantic dinner and movie with my GF! ;-)I enjoyed today's post aswell! :-)

Curries are also an interesting food. Brought to London by immigrant Indians and Pakistanis, Curry is now considered as much an typical London Dish as Fish and Chips! I personally love a mild curry, one where you can taste the curry rather than burn all you tastebuds off with a hot curry, just to experience the burning without the taste!

Keep Well