Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seaweed in Island of Happiness

Sometimes I despair of ever being able to create a truly comprehensive guide that will not require frequent updates. I included Seaweed in the Items List but forgot to create a little section for it with information on how and where it is obtained in Island of Happiness. When a gamer asked about Seaweed in an email, I was reminded of the need to devote a little section to it. It now has been added to the General Guide, but it may be worth a brief mention here as well.

Seaweed is a new item in DS Harvest Moon games, although you will find it in the upcoming Wii Tree of Tranquility as well. As an item that is almost a staple in Japanese cuisine, it certainly deserves to be included in Harvest Moon, and in fact, it is one of the most useful items early in Island of Happiness.

Go to the Beach and investigate the large boulder there. In Spring, you will be allowed to collect one portion of Seaweed from the boulder daily. If you attempt to collect another, or attempt to gather it in any other season, you will be unable to do so.

Seaweed as a raw ingredient is worth: +4 SR +2 FL or 4 Stamina Recovery and 2 Fullness. Any raw ingredient is worth far less than the same ingredient when cooked. If you take your Seaweed to Luke at the Diner, he will make Seaweed Paste with it. That is worth: +15 SR +8 FL or 15 Stamina Recovery and 8 Fullness.

You must have an expanded Diner and Cafe in order to be able to obtain Recipes from the owners. Until the restaurants are expanded, you will not be able to obtain any Recipes from Luke or Madelynn.

If you are very diligent in making progress in the game, you can have an expanded Diner and Cafe before the end of the first Spring and be able to obtain the Recipe for Seaweed Paste. If not, you will be forced to rely on Raw Seaweed until later in the game.


Mars Frog said...

My grandfather in Maine used to eat salted seaweed ... right out of the can. I thought it was the grossest thing ever and nearly hurled once. Of course I was only 5 or so. ^_^;

But it looks like Seaweed will be a pretty decent way to get some strength back, I'll have to keep that in mind when I get the game. Thanks for the tip.


TroubledTroubador said...

Actually seaweed (Dulse) come dried and in bags here in Nova Scotia. But it's delicious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice tip! Thanks.

Speaking of things that need to be explained, how do you expand the Cafe and Diner? I can't find this information anywhere. Do you have to buy from them frequently, or is it something else? Thanks!

Freyashawk said...

I actually need to pinpoint the requirement. In my own two test games, the Diner and Cafe expanded as soon as I unlocked the Forest area, but establishments often expand when you reach a certain heart level with the owners as well. You do need a kitchen though first or you won't be able to get any recipes from Cafe or Diner.