Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where is Vaughn after Marriage?

This is not important information by any means, but I had wondered about it when I decided to marry Vaughn. I suspected he would remain at your farmhouse after marriage, day and night, as do many of the Spouses who do not have a regular place of business in Harvest Moon games.

In fact, he is at home most of the time, on every day apart from Wednesday and Thursday, from rising until he climbs into his own Husband Bed above my bed.

What is very interesting, however, is that he disappears completely from the Map on Wednesdays. I suppose that makes sense, as he DOES transport animals from Island to Island and Wednesdays and Thursdays always were his working days. He must visit another Island now on Wednesdays.

On Thursday, he leaves the house before I rise to frequent Mirabelle's Animal Shop as he did as a bachelor. If I visit him there, he says: 'What? You wanna watch me work? Okay...'

On Thursday, he returns home at noon, however, rather than visiting the Forest as he did when he was a bachelor. He then remains at home constantly until Wednesday. On Wednesday, once again, he is long gone when I arise at 6.00 a.m.

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