Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthdays in and out of Harvest Moon

As it is my birthday in this world, I thought that a worthy goal in IoH would be to move forward to my birthday there and see how my husband Vaughn will celebrate it.

Unfortunately, I am a slow player, but I am determined to reach 4 Autumn in my game, and I will report the results if I manage it. I really would like to see how the taciturn Vaughn responds to the occasion...

Well, too much of my real and Harvest Moon birthday was spent caring for livestock and building a new pen for my Chickens, but in the end, I was able to make it to 4 Fall in time to experience my Harvest Moon birthday rather late at night on my real birthday.

Sad to say, as in previous (unmarried) years, NO ONE on the Island acknowledged the fact that it was my birthday. I'll have to choose a different birthday in the next game to see if this makes a difference. IoH is the first Harvest Moon game where another character shares my birthday. It is Nathan whose birthday falls on 4 Fall.

I don't think it makes a difference though. If other players have been wished a Happy Birthday by random villagers in IoH, please let me know.

Even my husband, Vaughn, ignored the occasion completely in the morning when I spoke to him and gave him his usual gift.

After 6.00 p.m., however, I was able to trigger a birthday event as follows:

A Special Occasion

Vaughn: You’re home.
You finish work for the day?

I’m finished.
I’m not finished.

Vaughn: What’s today?
This one’s easy.

Our Anniversary
My Birthday

My Birthday

Vaughn displays a big red heart.

Vaughn: That’s right.
Happy birthday!

Vaughn: Take the day off.
Let’s celebrate.
I got a cake.
Let’s eat.

My thoughts: That was so sweet.
What a great birthday!

End of Event.

I don't wish to sound spoiled, but it occurred all too quickly. I barely had time to look at the table before the event was over... I'll have to trigger it again to enjoy it more fully. Actually, I need to experience it again and this time give the incorrect response to see how he reacts if I tell him I think it's our Anniversary!
That always is fun in Harvest Moon.

Incidentally, the birthday celebrations in ToT are sumptuous occasions. Actually, the table setting for any holiday celebration in ToT once you are married is absolutely wonderful!

(How many players recall the error in FoMT where you had to answer incorrectly when married to one of the girls or risk her wrath? Apparently the programming had gone awry. I'd have to refer to my game journals to be certain, but I think it occurred when you were married to Elli and had a child.)


I reloaded and gave the wrong answer, telling Vaughn that it was 'Our Anniversary' to see how he'd respond. He was really sweet about it, actually. He told me that I must be exhausted in order to forget my own birthday. Of course, this prompted him to tell me to go straight to bed, not being allowed to eat the food on the table. (Two pieces of white cake, two red drinks)

It was only when I reloaded yet again, to play it through properly for the final time that I noticed a detail I had missed the first time. When I gave the incorrect response, my Fullness was down. I awakened the next morning with my Fullness diminished... When I replayed it for the final time, giving the correct answer, my Fullness was down but when I awakened after sharing the cake and drink with Vaughn, my Stamina and Fullness bars both were filled completely. Like many of the food festivals in IoH, therefore, the Birthday Celebratrion fully fills both Stamina and Fullness. I love the little details like this in Harvest Moon. So much care goes into the programming.


Mars Frog said...

Oh, it's your birthday? Well hey, congrats. You should take it easy today then! Have some, well, whatever it is you like. I always order my favorite pizza on my b-day.

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Mars. I have to say that I always enjoy spending part of any special day playing a game that celebrates the occasion. Thanksgiving is not a big holiday for me, but I really loved playing the original Animal Crossing on Thanksgiving... and I loved Christmas in the original Animal Crossing as well. It's too bad they cut that holiday from Wild World. I loved the Reindeer with his sack of gifts.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! =3

Aw, Vaughn seems sweet. =)

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Bunny. To answer a question you posted elsewhere, in my own experience, neither Typhoon nor Snowstorm in IoH ever have flattened the Storage Shed, the Maker Shed, the Greenhouse, Chicken Coop or Animal Barn. I'll get official confirmation from Natsume when I have time, but meanwhile, I don't think you need to keep your lumber in your rucksack!

Ordering the bridge to the forest would give you access to the Mine and that is a great source of income... The bridges really are critical. Cafe and Diner were expanded as soon as the Bridge to the Forest was completed. There are so many more wild items to gather in the Forest and Mountain that you will be able to recoup the price of the bridge almost instantly.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, good advice! Thank you! =)

Gosh, this game has SO much stuff---I think this game will actually keep me busy while I wait for ToT on the Wii. =3