Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stages of Soybeans and Buckwheat in Island of Happiness

For those who wish to become ultra-successful farmers, here are some screenshots of Grains at various stages in Island of Happiness.

In one screenshot, you will see two stages of Soybeans. At the bottom is Edamame, ready for harvest, distinguished by the small purple blossoms. In the centre is another crop of Soybeans almost ready to reach the final stage. There are only two rows instead of three as I harvested the first row when they first displayed the blossoms that characterise Edamame. This plot is NOT at the final stage yet. The pods must change colour before you can harvest true Soybeans. In the upper plot is another crop of Soybeans at the first stage.

Buckwheat and Wheat are displayed in the other screenshot. The Wheat crops are at the first and second stages. The Buckwheat, distinguished by its reddish stalk, is at the first stage. I will add a screenshot of the Buckwheat I formerly grew which was fully ripe but never harvested.


Anonymous said...

Dear Freyashawk,
sorry to ask this but how do you drop a stone? I got my first chick from Taro on a sunny day and I wanted to put it in a pen but I couldn't figure out how to drop it!
When I tried to drop it it said "this item is not edible" this may be sad, but it is getting me frusterated. Please help!

Freyashawk said...

Anon, this is one of the more difficult new aspects of IoH. You need to use your stylus. Tap the item that is on your head (well, actively equipped is the proper term for it, but I always think of it being on my head) and then flip it with the stylus onto the ground. It's a bloody pain, I have to say. You will need to practice because you have to be standing in the right place in order to be able to throw it to the square you are targeting. Save your game BEFORE you throw any item on the ground. That's what I do, even after a lot of practice.

Another annoying aspect to the stylus is a situation that occurs when your Chickens are in a Pen outside. Often, I use the stylus to try to collect an egg or pick up a chicken and instead, it picks up one of the stones in the 'wall' of the pen. Instantly, it seems, half the chickens make a beeline for the gap and exit the pen!
Again, the solution for that is to save BEFORE you try to pick up anything!