Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Colour of Wonderfuls Won at Festivals

Some one posted a comment to the effect that tool use may be the determining factor in the colour of Wonderful you will obtain as a prize at any Festival Contest in IoH. I am afraid that I misunderstood at the time. In Island of Happiness, experience with a tool does not lead to any upgrades. I therefore did not feel that your character's level of experience with any tool could be a determining factor.

According to comments posted here, as tool use does increase your Farming Degree points, it is relevant as the last two digits of your current Farming score determine the colour of the Wonderful.

Thus, tool use would have an effect. It seems to me that the system I employed is as good as any as there is no Accessory that displays points. Save your game before you enter the Meadow. If you do not receive the colour that you want, reload, use your Tools and then re-enter.

There is an order in which the colours will appear:
Lowest Score to Highest:
Blue Wonderful
Green Wonderful
Red Wonderful
Yellow Wonderful
Orange Wonderful
Purple Wonderful
Indigo Wonderful

Any one recognise the order? It's the same order as the Coloured Wild Grasses appear in your Farm Menu as well as the same order in which the Harvest Goddess will give you the Recipes for the Coloured Curries.

Thanks, guys, for your comments!

Incidentally, it does not require much tool use at all to change the colour of the Wonderful. A method that can profit you as well as changing the colour of the prize is to go to the entrance to the Meadow at 10.00 a.m. Stand on the near bank of the river, to the left of the bridge that leads to the Meadow and fish briefly. You should be able to judge how many casts of the Rod to cycle through each of the Wonderfuls with a little practice. With an ordinary tool, it varies between 10 and 15 uses for each change in colour.


Mars Frog said...

I think the last two digits of your farm degree have a part in deciding the colors, based on what I've read. Unfortunately, this value is not shown ... So you'd have to save prior to an event and do random things that add points to your degree, then see what color you get.

This I got off Ushi no Tane, unfortunately I fail to understand everything they talk about within the game, since I don't have it.

Here's a link to their page though, in case you wish to see for yourself.


Gillette said...

The color of wonderful you receive is apparently dependent on the last 2 digits of your farm score. There is a chart here (which I have used successfully to change the color of wonderful to one that I wanted): http://www.fogu.com/hm7/basics/toolupgrades.php

I simply saved my game the night before the festival, then after seeing what I would get with no alterations, I reloaded my saved game and added a number of tool uses to boost my score to the category I wanted before going to sleep.

Freyashawk said...

Thank you, guys, for posting your comments. The only thing that really is significant here to players is the actual order of the Wonderfuls, from lowest to highest, as a player never will have any access to his/her points in this game.

In fact, I should have guessed the order as it is the same order in which all coloured items are sorted in Island of Happiness: Blue first and Indigo last.

It is interesting how different players hit upon the same strategy but for different reasons.

Actually, there is a point where all Wonderfuls become equal in the game... where it really does not matter which one you take home any longer. At the start of the game, however, it can be critical to take home the one that will be the most useful!