Friday, September 5, 2008

The Greatest Challenge in Island of Happiness

Courtship and Marriage are very easy in Island of Happiness. The greatest challenge perhaps is Farming itself. I thought that farming might be difficult mainly in terms of your character's energy at the start as it is in all Harvest Moon games. It was only when I lost half a field of Wheat and my first two precious Buckwheat crops quite a bit later in the game that I realised I had not reached any degree of real success yet.

I made one serious error actually with respect to the Buckwheat. I kept waiting for it to ripen, forgetting that it required the use of a Sickle to harvest it. It was not until the entire crop disappeared that I realised it probably had been ripe for days... but by trying to harvest it like any other crop, I mistakenly had thought it not ready for harvest. How could I be so stupid! I knew that grains required the Sickle, but somehow that slipped my mind where Buckwheat was concerned.

The Buckwheat had been planted very carefully in my Greenhouse, so the weather could not have been a factor. Who knows how long it had been ripe though?

The disappearance of half a field of Wheat remains a mystery to some extent... Was it too much water? I tried to be careful in that respect, but who knows?

I originally thought that the greatest danger to any crop would come from a Typhoon. Now I realise that my own lack of expertise in these complex 'Light' and 'Water' equations could be as deadly!

The screenshot shows grains being grown in my Greenhouse.


Anonymous said...

Um... I just wanted to know why in your marriage and courtship guide you never fiished the part about Vaughn and Sabrina's events. I just got Sabrina and am going after Mark because I want to have all the children of my rivals. it would be nice if you could finish it but no pressure. I emailed you a while back about rival children in Cute and yo said they would be in the new games. Thanx for answering that by the way!

Freyashawk said...

Shamefully, I was selfish and MARRIED Vaughn myself in the test game, even though I knew I shouldn't as I needed to include Vaughn and Sabrina as a rival couple... so that will be the last information that is added to my Guide, alas. I just couldn't bear the thought of giving him up to her in my first game.