Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Allowing Denny and Lanna to Marry

I have been receiving emails from players who meet all the 'official' requirements for unlocking characters and yet still cannot persuade them to arrive on the island. Island of Happiness is a very interesting game... and I daresay it will be another six months before every hidden requirement is uncovered.

In most cases, players (including myself) have no trouble in unlocking a new character or option, thereby never knowing what they may have done that another player failed to do.

For example, a player shipped far more than 100 mayonnaise and yet Wayne has not appeared. This meant there was another requirement, one that other players, including myself, met without realising it. In fact, that requirement simply was that the 100 Mayonnaise had to have been made in the Mayonnaise Maker rather than being made in the Kitchen. I had assumed that players WOULD make their Ranch Products in the Maker, at least when they were making THAT quantity of product. I never should have made that assumption!

My own problem was the failure to trigger Denny's 4th Rival Event at the start of the 4th Year. It is supposed to occur at the Beach in decent weather between 1.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on any day when the weather is fine. I had Lanna and Denny on the Island almost immediately in the first year. All other Rival Heart Events for this couple triggered instantly once I had married. It is only the 4th Rival Event for Denny and Lanna that gave me trouble.

I finally managed to trigger it on Wednesday at 1.00 p.m. near the end of Spring on a cloudy day. The only element that had changed from day to day apart from the weather was the amount of fishing I had done during the season. Having failed to trigger the event in the first week or two, I began to fish furiously. Could it be that there is a requirement in terms of the number or size of fish that you have caught or shipped in the current season? The event deals with a Large Fish and a 'record number' caught by Lanna...

I had shipped 1000 fish when I finally triggered Denny's 4th Rival Heart Event but I now believe it is a requirement in terms of catching a specific number of items in the current season...

Here is the text of the 4th Rival Event:

At 1.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 22 Spring, a cloudy day, I finally managed to experience Lanna and Denny’s 4th Rival Event. Lanna is on the beach in the morning on Wednesdays but leaves before 1.00 p.m.

A Fishing Challenge

Denny entered the beach area to find Lanna there at the shore's edge fishing.

Denny: (!) Hey, Lanna. How’s it going?

Lanna (with music): I’m great!
Yesterday, I caught a record number of fish!
It’s a shame you weren’t there to see it! I was simply amazing!

Denny: Wow! That must have been something!

Lanna (…): In fact, I think I’m the best fisher on the island now!

Denny: Hey, now. That’s a pretty bold claim! I still think I’m pretty good.

Lanna: Oh yeah? Well, I challenge you to a contest!

Lanna (with black cloud that continues to move above her head)

Denny: (…) Okay! Let’s go fishing together tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how you do!

Lanna now turns from the sea to face Denny.

Lanna (with music): Great!
I’m going to be awesome!
You won’t have a chance!

Denny (…)

He turns towards the sea now.

Denny: Hey, you better be careful.

Lanna (?) : Huh? What do you mean?

Denny turns to her.

Denny: Don’t get too cocky! I want a good contest!

Lanna: Don’t worry! You’re in for the fishing battle of your life!
Okay! I’ll see you tomorrow, Denny! This’ll be so fun!

She walks away from the beach.

Denny watches her leave.

Denny (…): … Can she really be that good already…?

End of Event

What changed for me between yesterday and today? Well, I fished after neglecting that activity for some time. On another day similar to this, when Lanna was on the beach in the morning, I could not trigger the Event.

Other players have had trouble triggering some of the other Rival Heart Events even when all ostensible requirements were met and it is possible that all Rival Heart Events are linked to a specific activity, whether farming, mining, fishing or cooking.

A shipping requirement has surfaced with respect to Elliot's Purple Heart Event, but it appears that the same requirement exists with respect to Natalie's Purple Heart Event. You need to have shipped at least 200 items in order to be able to trigger the Event. It is possible that 200 items need to have been shipped in the CURRENT season or that they need to have been placed in the Shipping Container outside Taro's house. These details still need to be confirmed. I will try to confirm it in my next game.


beautifulnightmare said...

Do you know Denny's Green heart event? It's not in your guide, is that because you missed it, or because you just accidently left it out?

Mandy said...

Lanna was left island due to my neglection. Do you know how to let her back to island? I cannot achieve the yellow heart love event with Danny because lack of lanna's appearance. Thanks !!!!

Mandy said...

If you know how to let lanna back to island because previous neglection, pls reply to adore_era@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Freyashawk said...

Lanna and Denny both depend on your fishing: they arrive initially after you have caught a specific number of items and if either leaves, you must fish to persuade them to return. The precise numbers are in my Guides. Links on the right side of this page.

There is no 'Green Heart Event'. At Green Heart level, a Rival Heart Event can occur, but no Heart Event is linked to that colour. What 'Green Heart Event' did you experience?

As for the alternate 'paths' in the regular Heart Events (Purple, Blue and Yellow), those will be added to my Courtship Guide as soon as I complete the Cookbook Guide... it's a matter of organising the material and transferring it to the Guides.

beautifulnightmare said...

Oooh, there is no green heart event. That would explain why its not in your guide and I couldn't make it happen. Thanks a lot!

Freyashawk said...

Traditional Heart Events in most HM games are:
Black Heart
Purple Heart
Blue Heart
Yellow Heart

I wrote a post on this site about heart events in general and how they work.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get Denny and Lana's 4th event. I don't know why because I am married and have seen their other 3 events and caught and shipped a TON of fish this season... definitely well over 200 of them, so I don't know what's wrong.