Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Odd but Cool Side-Effect of a Red or Blue Wonderful

One of the most annoying aspects of animal care in Island of Happiness is the way that livestock animals move aimlessly from place to place when your character is trying to milk the cow, shear the sheep or brush an animal. This becomes even more frustrating when you have Tools set with Wonderfuls and need to spend a moment or two charging them before they are used. By the time the charge is complete, the animal quite often has moved away!

Blue and Red Wonderfuls increase the range of your Tools. One uses them logically in farm tools first as it is very convenient to be able to till a 3 x 3 square or water the same area with a single use of the Hoe or Watering Can.

Setting a Blue or Red Wonderful in a Ranch tool, however, will have the same effect. Having an extra Red Wonderful, I set it in my Milker. Much to my amusement, I then was able to milk two cows simultaneously. I suppose one could keep stacking the Wonderfuls until one could 'service' the entire barn with a single charged use of the Milker, Clippers or Brush.

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