Monday, September 1, 2008

Elliot's Purple Heart Event in IoH

I filed this in a corner of my mind and then forgot about it until another player emailed me with the same problem. She has Elliot at Purple Heart level and as yet has been unable to trigger his Purple Heart Event.

I had a similar experience myself in my first game. With all other eligible bachelors, I was able to trigger their Purple Heart Events as soon as they reached Purple Heart. It therefore is not a matter of precise points but of some other hidden requirement. In Elliot's case, there must be some connection with farming but it is not as simple as shipping a set number of crops. It is more possible that it is connected with the Farming Degree Title.

My error in my first IoH game was to hoard my crops initially in order to have more Recovery Items. I did give some Potatoes to Elliot as well. In fact, it is better not to give Elliot ANY gifts but to make certain to speak to him daily after obtaining the Weather forecast from Taro. Conversation raises heart levels as surely as gifts even if more slowly.

In Elliot's case, there is no point in raising his heart level too quickly if you are sacrificing crops to do it. Ship those crops!

As Elliot is the first eligible bachelor you meet in the game, you probably will have him at Purple Heart very early in the game. Although he was at Purple Heart in the first Spring season, I was unable to trigger his Purple Heart Event until Summer. By then, I had met and experienced one of Denny's Heart Events as soon as Denny reached Purple Heart Level so it was Elliot alone who gave me trouble.

Although some players have claimed that there is a requirement to ship 200 items in the shipping container outside Taro's house, this in fact has been disproven by players who have experienced the event without shipping that many items and others who have shipped 200 crops from the container outside Taro's house but still have failed to experience the event.

It is possible that the days on which the event can be experienced change according to the number of areas you have unlocked.

When I experienced the event finally, he was almost at blue heart level in the middle of the first Summer season. Here's the text of the event:

Busy Elliot

At 6.00 p.m. I enter Taro's house to experience Elliot's Purple Heart Event finally. He is almost at blue heart level at this point.

Elliot: (!)

Oh, hello, Freya.
I walk up to him.
Sorry. I wish I was better company, but I'm working right now. Freya, I see you working so hard all the time. It inspires me!
Me: (...)
I then nod with vigour.
Elliot: What? You want to help me?
Wow. That's really nice of you. This is my job, though. You don't have to help.

My choices now:
I can still help, can't I?
Okay, then. Good luck!

Choose: I can still help, can't I?

Elliot: (...) Well, if you insist, I could definitely use a hand.
I nod with vigour.

Taro enters.
Taro: Elliot! Are you ready?
Elliot: Yep! We're just about to get started. We need to carry crates to the ship. Just follow me.
I nod with vigour.
Now we stand at the beach.

Elliot: Phew... That was a lot more crates than usual. Thak you, Freya!

Taro walks up to us.

Taro: That was some good work, you two. Thanks for giving us a hand, Freya. I have a few things left to do, but you two can take off.
He leaves.

ELliot: Boy, that would have been almost impossible without you, Freya! Thank you so much for your help! I owe you one!

The event ends with me at the door of Taro's house rather than at the beach.

If I had chosen:
Okay, then. Good luck!
Elliot: Thanks!

Elliot: Sorry I'm so busy right now.


Abby McD. said...

This doesn't come originally from me, but rather from Cher's HM site at In order to witness Elliot's purple heart event you must have shipped at least 200 items in the current season. I was frustrated with this until I saw this posted on the website. I hope this helps other folks!

Alice said...

I'm currently courting all the bachelors. Elliot's heart events are, for some reason, hard to trigger. In my actual file, I saw his purple event on Spring 29 of the first year. I just got him up to purple, and it's the first heart event I've seen.

On the site that I get help on HM games, one of the requirements for Elliot's purple heart is event is to ship at least 200 items in the current season. I think this is what most people are having trouble on.

As of now, I've seen all his #1 events in my actual file with no problems at all.

But when I try to use the same file, but answer the purple heart event wrong, I can't seem to be able to activate his blue heart event #2. D: I had all the requirements listed on the site that I use a lot, but it wouldn't activate. I think there are additional requirements for Elliot... but I don't know what they are... It would be a relief if the problem is figured out, because I'm currently recording all the events and posting them on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I have the same problem with Elliot, but I read in different guide, that you need to ship at least 200 items to unlock the purple heart event!
I dont know if it will work, but I will try...

Authors_Wrath said...

Well, I don't know about shipping two hundred items and all, because I triggered the event on Spring 22 in my first year and I definitely didn't ship that much. :/ I had no trouble activating the event, and have a theory as to why, though it is entirely possible that it's wrong. For reasons unknown even to myself, I gave Taro herbs every day in Spring even after I got the fishing rod. By the time I activated Elliot's event, Taro was at two hearts. As Taro is involved in the event, I wonder if having Taro's friendship at a certain level could be a requirement. Also, I activated Elliot's purple event as well as his blue event at night rather than during the day, and indeed was unable to activate them during the day. These things may or may not have anything to do with the issue, and I just thought I would point them out. Thanks as always for all of your hard work. 8D

Freyashawk said...

Author... unfortunately, in my own first game, I kept raising Taro's friendship level in my attempt to trigger Elliot's Purple Heart Event and it made no difference. So your theory is disproven, sadly. It WAS the shipping that did it. The event does occur in the early evening, actually.
You may have shipped more weeds than you realised. It doesn't have to be 'good' items, you know.
Or perhaps you shipped fish...

Anonymous said...

hey i need help with elliot's purple heart event but what if you have been in the middle of elliot's blue heart but not the heart event so what should i do and also i have shipped over 200 actally over 250 almost 300 so help please post this i really need help.

Freyashawk said...

Ah, very interesting! So perhaps there is another hidden requirement after all.

In my first game, Elliot was at blue heart level when I finally triggered his Purple Heart Event. You always can be at a higher level and still trigger a Heart Event. You could have him at deepest red heart and still trigger them. So don't worry about that.

Anon, tell me what else you have or don't have in your game. Let's see what you could be missing here.
What upgrades? What have you unlocked so far?

Freyashawk said...

You know, looking back at Author's comment, I think now that perhaps Taro's friendship could be the OTHER requirement. I had raised Taro's heart level and had shipped a fair amount when I finally triggered Elliot's Purple Heart Event in my first test game. It could be that you need BOTH Taro's heart level increased AND to ship 200 items in the current season...

Anonymous said...

okay maybe that is true but i also have to avoid a rival heart event at his house at the same time that is very annoying because i am in the second year so most of my time is avoiding the rival heart event but to activated his purple heart event that is so annoying

p.s i have upgraded my house once and gotten the bridge to the meadow

Anonymous said...

okay so when do you make freinds with taro

Freyashawk said...

This information is included in my General Guide. If you give him a gift each day (any wild grass) for a week, you then will experience the Fishing Rod Event.

Megzy said...

For people struggling to activate Elliots purple heart event, you need to have shipped 200 items from the shipping box outside Taro's house.

I had trouble understanding this heart event as i had shipped well over 200 items...but mostly from the shipping box at the ranch. So i tried shipping 200 weeds at the box outside Taro's and it worked!

Anonymous said...

i already have the fishing rod

Anonymous said...

I would just like to add something about Elliot's heart event.

I had him at purple (or blue, cant remember), and had wanted to see his purple heart event. I read online that in order to see it, i had to ship 200 items. I didnt count how many items i shipped, but suspected that i would be able to see it towards the end of the season. When it came, i was able to see it, but remember, i did not count how many items i had shipped. When the event was over, i was outside his house, and then decided to go back in to give him his gift of the day. Turns out, his blue heart event activated as soon as i went back inside!

Now, i dont now whether it helps or not, I just wanted to point that out. Hope that helps!

Freyashawk said...

Anon, the heart events in general for all Eligible Girls/Bachelors in IoH appear to have 'hidden' requirements. If you read the post, you will see that in one game, Elliot was almost at blue heart before I was able to trigger his purple heart event.

The 200 item shipping 'requirement' for Elliot's purple event has been disproven and the business about using the shipping container outside Taro's house is nonsense...

It would have been nice if it had been something that simple. When I am finished with RF2, I shall return to IoH and make a schedule for Elliot's Purple Heart Event based on the number of areas that the player has unlocked. I actually think that the event will vary according to the number of bridges you have built and the number of businesses that have opened. After all, Elliot's movements change once the Cafe and Diner have been built. No one paid attention to those considerations in plotting the schedule of heart events, but IoH was such a BIG game that it was something to be done in the future...

With four Harvest Moon games being released in less than one year, guide writers like myself have had our hands full!

Anonymous said...

I have already shipped over 200 items, I have the fishing rod, and I give Elliot a gift almost every day, but I can't get his heart level to raise past black! Is there something else I have to do??? I am going to build the first bridge the next day in the game so will that help at all?

pixie said...

I already have Elliot at a blue heart and am halfway autumn in the first year and the only place I can't come yet is in the tower, but I still haven't seen his first heart event!
It's a little bit frustrating, I tried so hard xD Went to see him everyday, gave him treats and tried different hours.
I'm pretty sure that I've shipped over 300 items in front of his house. So I don't know what the problem is -.-

Freyashawk said...

Pixie, the rumour about shipping 200 crops from the shipping container in front of Taro's House is absolutely false. In fact, there is no set shipping requirement for Elliot's Purple Heart Event... players have managed to trigger it without ever shipping 200 crops and other players like yourself have been unable to trigger it even after shipping hundreds of crops.

What is your Friendship Level with Taro? How many bridges did you build so far? What areas have you unlocked?

Remember that Elliot's schedule will change a little according to the number of areas that are unlocked... Have you tried to trigger the event on every day of the week after 5.00 p.m.?

Anonymous said...

how do u get elliot at purple colour? im puzzled plz help


Freyashawk said...

Anon, heart levels are raised when you speak to an individual regularly and give him/her items he/she particularly likes. My Characters Guide and my Courtship and Marriage Guide for IoH both gives lists of items that each character likes and hates.

Information about Elliot:
Most Favourite Gift: Stir-Fry Veggies

Items he Loves:
Raw Items: Potato, Corn
Cooked Dishes: Tomato Juice, Vegetable Juice, Salad

Items He Likes:
Raw Items: Turnip, Cucumber, Carrot, Onion
Cooked Dishes: Grilled Eggplant, Sponge Cake, Bread

Items he Dislikes:
Raw Items: Fodder, Buckwheat, Flour
Cooked Dishes: Pizza, Gratin

Items He Detests:
Raw Items: Toadstool, Yogurt, Cheese

Item of Utter Horror: Milk

Romance Tip: Speak to Elliot daily after obtaining the weather prediction
from Taro to raise his heart level steadily and certainly.

Cutie Number 1 said...

Hey, for those trying to miss the rival, THE GAME WON'T LET IT!!!! Unless the heart level isn't high enough.