Monday, September 15, 2008

Old Harvest Moon Traditions in IoH

Being married to Vaughn makes one approach every new romantic Festival with some uncertainty. After all, he was nowhere in sight to celebrate the Starry Night Festival with me.

Interestingly enough, on the same day that my child was born, sweet Vaughn organised a little celebration of his birthday at 6.00 p.m.

I always test the 'wrong response' in any event, simply for the purpose of adding it to the Guide. When given the opportunity to choose the event that was being celebrated, I had three choices: My birthday, Vaughn's birthday and Attila's birthday. This is typical of Harvest Moon special family celebrations, actually.
Obviously, having given birth to Attila that same morning, I could not have forgotten it was HIS birthday, but I wanted to see how Vaughn would react if I told him it was MY birthday instead.

Vaughn: You forgot your child’s birthday?
You call yourself a mother?'

The correct response brought forth a very sweet little celebration.
Vaughn: You remember what today is, right?

My birthday
Your birthday
Attila’s Birthday

Attila’s birthday

Vaughn (with music) Yep. I got a cake.
Attila can’t eat it yet, of course.
Someday soon, though.

After: I can’t wait for Attila to grow up a bit, so we can all celebrate together…

I was delighted to experience another old Harvest Moon tradition on the occasion of the Spring Thanksgiving Festival after marriage. Vaughn said nothing about it during the day, either when I gave him the usual gift or afterwards.

When I returned to the house after 6.00 p.m., there was no Event either. I went to bed not knowing if the day would pass me by completely...

I was very happy to discover that Vaughn would enact the old tradition of any spouse in Harvest Moon once I pretended to go to sleep.

Vaughn in the dark: Huh. You’re asleep.
Guess I’ll put your Thanksgiving gift in your rucksack.

I awakened the next morning to find Chocolate Cookies in my rucksack.

I must not neglect the players whose characters are male in my posts. If you are playing the game as a boy, it is on the occasion of the Winter Thanksgiving that your wife will sneak a piece of Chocolate Cake into your rucksack.

When your Child is born in IoH, his name will be added to the Individuals List in your Menu. The description given for the child represents all that is good and idealistic in Harvest Moon:

A happy child born into a rancher’s family.
Lives by the love of his wonderful parents

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Clare said...

Hey Again.

Vaughn is the best looking guy, I think, but he's not that devoted, and even when you're nice to him and have lots of hearts he can be kind of rude. Just not my idea of a fatherly, or very husbandly type.