Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And finally, a Buckwheat Harvest in IoH

I should have had my first Buckwheat Harvest long ago in Island of Happiness. Stupidly, two plots of fully ripened Buckwheat confronted me for a few days before the crop vanished completely. As I confessed in a previous post, I had forgotten that Buckwheat, like all Crops in IoH, had to be harvested with a Sickle.

Well, the first game seldom is a 'perfect' game. My next game will be...

Meanwhile, I finally had my first Buckwheat Harvest, one day after harvesting Wheat and Soybeans from my Greenhouse. I have included screenshots here of fully ripened Buckwheat as well as Buckwheat at the first stage of growth.

A screenshot of the early flowering stage is included as well. At this stage, when the flowers are light pink, you CANNOT harvest the Buckwheat!

Incidentally, I now have included a few screenshots in my Island of Happiness Farming Guide. (Links to ALL my Guides to be found on the right side of this page as always.) I always resisted the idea of adding screenshots to my Guides in the past, as I wanted them to be accessible to ALL players, including those with very slow internet connections, but the Grains in IoH really require screenshots at their different stages. If players find the screenshots helpful, I may add more to my Guides in the future. I usually take thousands of screenshots whenever I play any Harvest Moon game but until I created this webpage, no one saw them but me.


Anonymous said...

Heh, don't worry about it. Everyone make mistakes, especially when playing something for the first time. =)

At least, now you know what to do for next time! ^^

Freyashawk said...

Well, I actually posted about it so that other players could avoid the same error. Sometimes errors create the best guides because it is only then that hidden requirements are isolated and made clear.