Saturday, September 6, 2008

Additional Requirement for Marriage in IoH

In many Harvest Moon games, you need more than a larger house and a 'Big Bed' if you wish to marry. You need a kitchen as well. I have not listed a kitchen as a requirement for marriage previously in Island of Happiness, but it may be one of the basic prerequisites.

I believe now that you do have to have all main characters on the Island in order to be able to marry. Every player who has been unable to marry has not had a major character. This information will be added to my guide.

It actually makes sense. I wrote a warning about not marrying in haste because some of the characters do not even arrive until later in the game... apparently the game is set up to force you to at least MEET every one, giving them some chance to impress you!

The confirmed requirements for marriage therefore are as follows:

1. Experience all Heart Events: Introduction Event, Purple Heart Event, Blue Heart Event and Yellow Heart Event; (Events vary according to your response during the Event; if you make the WRONG response during the Yellow Heart Event, you may need to experience a Recovery Event as well);
2. Have the Eligible Girl/Bachelor at 60,000 AP, deepest red heart level;
3. Have the Large House and buy the Husband/Wife Bed from Chen;
4. Have the Harvest Goddess at minimum 2 hearts and make certain Alisa and Nathan have not left the Island;
5. Have all main characters on the Island;
6. Buy the Blue Feather from Chen and experience the Popping the Question Event;

Actually, having a Kitchen IS a requirement, in a sort of oblique fashion, because you cannot have Pierre on the Island if you haven't obtained five Recipes and you never will obtain any without a Kitchen! Pierre is one of the main characters and you need to entice him onto the Island as well as all other main characters in order to marry...

To have all main characters on the island, you need to pursue ALL activities. Denny and Lanna arrive only if you have done quite a bit of fishing, Sabrina's arrival requires mining, Pierre's arrival requires Recipes and the unlocking of all areas, Shea's meeting requires the bridge to the Jungle and Mark/Chelsea only arrive when you have over 50% completion... so marriage can't be your only focus.


Mars Frog said...

It was my understanding from Ushi no Tane that the requirements were:

Red Heart + 3 heart events (minimum)

Upgrading the house (obviously)

Purchasing the husband / wife bed (yeah, you kinda need that)

Having the church, Nathan, & Alisa living on the island.

Unlocking all 23 main villagers (Mineral Town visitors not necessary)

Again, this is just what I got off Fogu when I was doing research on the game, but they're usually accurate in their information. Maybe this'll help, I don't know, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I don't have the game myself.

Freyashawk said...

The house has to be upgraded twice in order to be able to purchase the Husband/Wife Bed, but yes...

And every single player who has not been able to marry has been missing a main character. I am going to add this as a marriage requirement in my guide.

bunny-gypsy said...

" marriage can't be your only focus."

Awwww, man! (Lol, just kidding, but marriage really is one of the big things for me, hehe.)

A lot of those requirements are understandable, and I would not mind doing most of them.

Hmm... the only requirement I will probably not enjoy doing is the whole giving ingredients to the Diner/Cafe chefs. Why can't I experiment in my own kitchen like in Magical Melody? Bleh!

Oh, I have a question: I built the bridge to the Jungle recently, and it seems like the Cafe/Diner/Inn/Hotel got upgraded automatically by Gannon. Do I have to upgrade all of those AGAIN?

(Oh, I also hate this 'upgrading' other people's houses/businesses thing, too! Do something by yourself, people!)

Freyashawk said...

The Cafe and Diner, as well as the two Inns and the houses of all the Main Characters are upgraded only once. It is not 'automatic' but may appear to be if you do all the right things in terms of befriending individuals and unlocking new areas.

Romance and Marriage are the most interesting aspects of Harvest Moon for many, many players. That is why I always write a Courtship and Marriage Guide.

On the other hand, IoH isn't the first HM game to require basic success in ALL aspects of the game if you wish to marry. In HM DS/Cute DS, the requirement to rescue 60 Sprites is a subtle way of forcing players to farm, ranch, mine and fish!

I agree with you, Bunny, with respect to the annoyance factor in the requirement to obtain ALL Recipes from Luke, Madelynn or the Harvest Goddess. I really enjoy experimentation in my Kitchen in Harvest Moon and in IoH, you can do that only AFTER you obtain the basic Recipe from some one else.

On the other hand, it's an interesting new twist. In the upcoming ToT, you can find new Recipes in the Kitchens of the three best cooks on the Island, but you don't have to give ingredients to do it. You simply sneak into their houses and 'read' the daily Recipe. IoH is the only game to date with a requirement that you give a specific ingredient to a specific individual to obtain each new Recipe apart from Bread and Rice.

In fact, in IoH, there are items that will produce no new Recipes but are needed to create existing dishes. I was very annoyed when both Luke and Madelynn rejected my first Edamame, but in fact, it IS used to create Rice and Beans. You get the Recipe for Rice and Beans by giving Rice as an ingredient, but you cannot make it without Edamame.

Green Pepper is another item that will not result in any new Recipes.

bunny-gypsy said...

Oh! That's good--I thought I had to upgrade those places with my own money again to get the recipes!

Yeah, guess I've been spoiled with Magical Melody (and A Wonderful Life) and a few of the older HM games, heh. ^^;;

Oooh, how is ToT? Is it like Island of Happiness or more like Magical Melody? I've seen videos of the wedding and it looks SO good --are the festivals just as good, well, festive and alive?

Freyashawk said...

ToT is wonderful. As I mentioned, I wrote the official strategy guide for that game, so I won't be able to write about it much on the internet, but the Festivals are truly splendid. I am eager to play it again actually. You can play either as a boy or as a girl and you then can take over a new game as your own child. There are children from the rival marriages as there are in IoH. The map is large and varied. You can build more than one house. You can have so many exotic pets, including a Penguin and a Turtle as well as quite a few different cats and dogs. You can raise exotic animals on your Ranch, from silkworms to ostriches and ride an Ostrich instead of a Horse. The animals are adorable actually.
Anyway, I can't imagine any one who won't like ToT.

bunny-gypsy said...

So, you wrote the official guide for ToT? That's cool! =3

I've been waiting more for ToT, while my sister was waiting for IoH (she has the DS; I don't have a DS right now, so I borrow hers to play IoH).

I'm liking IoH, but I'm beginning to prefer to go back to playing Magical Melody (which I still have for GameCube, yay!).

MM felt a little bit more... hmmm... alive?, interesting?(in the cooking, crops, mining aspect), charming? Maybe it's the involving 3-D environment and animation as well? Not sure if I can put my finger on why I prefer MM...

I'm hoping ToT will have a little bit of similarity to Magical Melody... I really like the exotic animals aspect, as well as the
3-D environment and animated people! =3