Thursday, September 18, 2008

A very Special Gift on your Anniversary

There are a number of Festivals that are celebrated differently after marriage as well as new Special Occasion Events that do not exist while you remain single.

The Thanksgiving Festivals and Pumpkin Festivals no longer bring any visitors to your house after marriage. Instead, your Spouse will bake special sweets for the Pumpkin Festival for a feast at home, even before you have a child. If you are a girl, your husband will slip Chocolate Cookies into your rucksack after you go to sleep on the night of the Spring Thanksgiving Festival. If you are a boy, your wife will slip Chocolate Cake into your rucksack on the night of the Winter Thanksgiving Festival.

All family birthdays are celebrated once you are married. If you have a child, your child's birthday will be celebrated for the very first time on the actual day of his/her birth. You need to enter your house after 6.00 p.m. to initiate any birthday Special Occasion Event.

Once you have entered, your Spouse will ask if you have finished work for the day. If not, you will have the option to leave the house to complete all unfinished tasks.

Once you tell your Spouse that all work has been completed, he/she will ask if you know what event you are celebrating. You must give the correct response if you wish to participate in the feast! Otherwise, your Spouse will be disappointed and you will be sent to bed with nothing. At the age of 2, when your child is old enough to accept gifts, you will be given the opportunity to give him/her a birthday gift on his/her birthday. (This occurs in ToT as well.) If you give an item that your Child dislikes, heart levels will decrease. A girl's taste differs from that of a boy, so you need to know what your Child likes. Lists are included in my Characters Guide.

It is on the occasion of your Wedding Anniversary, however, that you have the opportunity to obtain a very special gift from your Spouse. I do understand why players often do not like to read guides for a game, even though I write guides myself. It is rather thrilling sometimes to be surprised. Vaughn surprised me on our Wedding Anniversary by giving me an 'S' Rank Wonderful!

The Event ends the day and you awaken the next morning with all Stamina and Fullness completely restored, and an 'S' Rank Wonderful in your rucksack. The colour of the Wonderful you receive, like those obtained as prizes at Festivals is determined by the current number of points earned towards your Farming Degree. If you wish to obtain a specific colour, therefore, you can use a Tool BEFORE you enter the House to experience the Special Occasion Anniversary Event.

(A Tool can be used on nothing to increase point total as well as increasing your income if the tool is set with a Purple Wonderful. Each use of a Tool set with a Purple Wonderful will increase your earnings by 2G. It's not much, but...)

Here's the text of the Anniversary Event. For those who are as enamoured of Vaughn as I am, you will see that he demonstrates all the sweetness one could desire:

A Special Occasion

Vaughn: You’re home.
You finish work for the day?

Okay. I’ll wait till you finish work.

So, what’s today?
Very important day for us.

Our anniversary
My birthday
Your birthday

Our anniversary
Vaughn displays a big red heart.

Vaughn: Uh-huh.
Gotta celebrate together on a special day.
Got you a gift.
Thanks for everything.

I walk to him and take the gift. (with music)

My thoughts: The gift made me so happy.
What a great anniversary.


Anonymous said...

Freya can you celebrate your husbands birthday? The day of Denny's birthday, I walked in my house at 6:00 PM and nothing happened so I walked out of my house and re entered my house. Still, nothing happened! What's wrong?!

Freyashawk said...

Yes, your husband's birthday will be celebrated as well as yours and your child. You entered the house at the right time, but perhaps you need to wait until next year. Have you been married less than a year? The event may require a minimum in terms of seasons: perhaps 2 full seasons. I was not aware of any requirement as my marriage occurred in Summer and Vaughn's birthday is in Spring. His birthday was celebrated, which leads me to think it may be a 2 season requirement or something else. How long have you been married to Denny?