Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vaughn's Secret Heartbreak

One morning after marriage, Vaughn's dialogue changed. It was not a matter of a change in Affection as he had been at maximum at the time of our marriage. I was pregnant with his child, but had been for some time.

I gave him a piece of chocolate as usual and he turned to me and remarked, almost offhandedly, 'I don't have any good memories of my childhood. I don't want my kid to feel the same way.'

His confession broke my heart. No wonder I fell in love with him. Like Skye, there are deep undercurrents of sorrow that made him an outsider, some one with a heart of gold but who had been hurt early in life to the point where he had to develop defences against intimacy. The fact that both Skye and Vaughn CAN lower their defences and show their innate nobility of spirit is what makes them irresistable. He may be taciturn and slow to smile but once he opens his heart to you, Vaughn is a true gentleman and a thoughtful, considerate husband and father.

It is going to be almost impossible for me to allow Sabrina to marry him in my next game, but I need to do that if I ever am to experience their Rival Marriage and meet their child.

N.B. Actually, his dialogue changed precisely 10 days after the announcement of my pregnancy. It changed once more before the baby was born, when he began to use my nickname and assure me that I would be a good mother.


Mars Frog said...

Hmm, seems like they've improved on the dialogue in this one.

I dunno, can't you like ... play two files and marry him in one and meet the kid in the other? Or is there just 1 file for this game? Or maybe you can ask someone else to do it ... some players don't like getting married after all (like yours truly).

Freyashawk said...

Oh yes, of course you can. In fact, I always have more than one cartridge for any Harvest Moon game and try to marry every one in different games.

There are two files on each IoH Cartridge and you cannot play the same game on both, unlike HM DS/Cute DS and FoMT/MFoMT where your second slot could act as a back-up in case something went wrong in the primary file. On the bright side, you can't overwrite your file by accident as one could do so easily in HM DS/Cute DS and FoMT/MFoMT!

In my next game, I'll marry Mark or Shea and allow all the rival marriages, including that of Vaughn and Sabrina... but it will take time. I've just finished sussing out all the crops in my test game.

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk!Natalie here! How are you? Long time, huh! Try emailing me, ok?
I'm courting Vaughn in IoH :]
He is SO HOT >:]
Somehow, Harvest Moon/Anime boys are cuter than the boys at my school ^^;
Bye for now!! Very cute and emotional event :]

Freyashawk said...

Ah, Natalie, I am always glad to hear from you. It is interesting to discover that Vaughn is ALMOST as popular as Skye with the female fans of Harvest Moon. I found him attractive from the start, but expected that his initial rather surly disposition might be off-putting to some. When male characters in Harvest Moon wear hats or caps, I long to see them without their headgear but, like Grey (with his cap) before Vaughn, I still find myself falling in love with these guys... I know that cowboys are considered extremely romantic characters in Germany. I never was that keen on them... until Vaughn came into my HM life.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with your comment freyashawk. Usually, I wouldn't marry someone like Vaughn, but his charm is irresistable, not unlike Skye's. I'm hoping, when I get IoH, to court him.

Freyashawk said...

Well, Anon, the creators of Harvest Moon obviously know what they are doing when they create these incredible characters. I actually dreamt about Skye when I went to sleep at night when I was courting him in Cute, and I long to return to that game to see him again... but then, there's Vaughn, and he's very compelling.

It makes me feel disloyal sometimes to court and to be married to so many different guys. (I still carry a torch for Grey as well. His Blue Heart Event in MFoMT in particular...)

Sarah said...

I'm kinda confused, I didn't get any of this dialogue. Mine changed after three weeks or so like this...

I can't believe we're having a child. (annoyed/sad face)

I'm going to be a father... (smile)

You're carrying our child, make sure you take care of it. (serious)

I'm playing Sunshine Islands.