Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Witch Princess and Toadstools in Island of Happiness

One of the most colourful characters in Harvest Moon is the beautiful if mischievous Witch Princess. To my delight, she is one of the characters in Island of Happiness. As in HM DS and Cute DS, she never leaves her Hut in ordinary circumstances. She is a voracious reader, an expert in herbs and a collector of teddy bears. In Harvest Moon DS, if you wished to court her successfully, you had to allow 50 of your Animals to die, rather a cruel requirement for any Animal lover.
In IoH, there is no such requirement.

Screenshots include some of the Witch Princess' ordinary dialogue at different times of day, the remark she makes once you marry, the interior and exterior of her charming Grimms' Fairy Tale style hut and her favourite item, a Toadstool, growing wild in another area of the Forest. Toadstools can be found randomly throughout the map during the Autumn season. Throw one into your Seed Maker to make Toadstool 'seeds' that can be grown on a pallet to the right of your farmhouse. When you have shipped 100 Shitake, you will unlock Toadstool 'seeds' at Chen's Market, although they are not that useful as you can grow only 8 different Mushrooms on the pallets at any point in time. One Toadstool growing there is sufficient to meet ordinary needs, especially as they grow in the Wilds so profusely.

Once planted on a pallet, Mushrooms of all varieties will continue to grow through all seasons, including Winter. They are found in the Wilds, however, only in the Autumn season.

In terms of growing fungi, it is the Matsutake that is most needed. You will not find more than one or two in the Wilds in any Autumn season. They are the 'Truffles' in other Harvest Moon games and are even more rare on the map in Island of Happiness. You will unlock the seeds at Chen's Market by shipping 100 Toadstools, but it is far easier to gather one from the Wilds in Autumn, pop it into your Seed Maker and then throw those seeds on one of your pallets.

Even though Matsutake is the most valuable variety of Mushroom, the humble Shitake is the most useful in terms of Cooked Dishes. Even in your first Autumn, you should be able to cook 'Grilled Mushrooms' and 'Foiled Mushrooms' and 'Steamed Egg Custard', three simple recipes that feature Shitake. They are wonderful cooked dishes in terms of Energy recovery early in the game. It therefore is a good idea to convert a couple of Shitake to seeds to grow on the pallets throughout the year.


Alyssa said...

In regards to the scarce Red Magic Flower, I have to say that I have actually found at least three before Fall 10, 2nd year.

It most likely varies depending on the game, but just thought I'd point that out.


Freyashawk said...

Alyssa, it's totally random as you must realise. The only point I was making is that they are not as plentiful as they are in some of the other HM games and you can't grow them yourself.

In HMDS and Cute DS, you could convert flowers as well as crops and mushrooms into seeds. You can't do that in IoH. At least I never have been able to do it. The fact that the Red Magic Flower is used in a number of Recipes makes their scarcity rather frustrating at times.

Actually though, perhaps they are more plentiful in the retail version. I'm still playing that early test version of the game.

Synth said...

I have a question about the WP, maybe you know the answer.
I'm playing as a guy and I am courting the WP, but there's no beating heart by her picture. Do you know if it's too early for me to court her (like, she stars getting LP only after a certain ingame event) or the heart just never shows?
Thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

The Witch Princess is a "secret" bachelorette (ooh, mysterious...); anywho, if you play as a guy you can marry her, though finding poisonous items for her can be annoying. ^w^

Freyashawk said...

The Witch Princess is listed as a marriage candidate in my Courtship and Marriage Guide with all the other candidates. There is no 'heart icon' on the screen either with Shea or with the Witch Princess, but you ALWAYS can look in the Individuals List to find the precise number of hearts you have earned with any individual (whether you can marry that character or not).

Freyashawk said...

P.S. You can grow Toadstools yourself for the Witch Princess, and there are other items she likes....

Anonymous said...

She loves red grass!

Freyashawk said...

That's true, Anon. A full list is in my Courtship and Marriage Guide and in my Characters Guide for IoH:

Most Favourite Gift: Rainbow Curry

Items she Loves:
Raw Items: Toadstool, Red Grass, Gold Lumber
Cooked Dishes: Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry

Items she Likes:
Raw Items: Blue Grass, Green Grass, Yellow Grass, Fish Bone, Moonstone, Gold
Cooked Dishes: Natto

Items she Dislikes:
Cooked Dishes: Failed Dish

Items she Detests:
Raw Items: all Animal Feed (Pet Food, Bird Feed, Fodder)
Cooked Dishes: Peach Juice

Item of Utter Horror: Peach