Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Fifth Heart Event' in IoH

I have been receiving emails about some confusion that exists with respect to the Heart Events in Island of Happiness. Island of Happiness differs from other Harvest Moon games in one respect: there are a number of different 'paths' that Heart Events can follow. My Courtship and Marriage Guide at present includes all the straightforward Heart Events from Introduction to Marriage. If you wish to experience these events, you MUST give the correct response during the course of each. If you give a different response, the next Heart Event that you experience will be a different one!

I intend to include ALL possible paths in the Courtship and Marriage Guide but there is so much material that needs to be organised in Island of Happiness. I created a little Farming mini-guide today, for example. I am working on the comprehensive Recipe Guide and wish to add more information to the new Characters Guide.

Meanwhile, with respect to rumours about a 'fifth Heart Event' in Island of Happiness, or 'fourth heart event' if you do not count the Introduction Event as the 1st or Black Heart Event:

If you give the INCORRECT response in one of the Yellow Heart Events, you will lower the individual's heart level rather than raising it. In this situation, there is an opportunity to experience another little Heart Event that is sometimes known as a 'Recovery Event'. It is an Event that exists to counterbalance some of the loss in points that you suffered by responding incorrectly.

This Recovery Event will NOT occur, however, if you respond correctly in all Heart Events from start to finish. In the quickest path from Courtship to Marriage, there are:
Introduction Event, aka Black Heart Event
2nd Heart Event, aka Purple Heart Event
3rd Heart Event, aka Blue Heart Event
4th Heart Event, aka Yellow Heart Event

Irrespective of the path that you actually pursue and the actual Events you experience, you must have the girl or bachelor at 60,000 points, full Red Heart Level, before your Blue Feather will be accepted. You need to have the Large Bed in the Large House and you need to have 2 hearts with the Harvest Goddess and have both Nathan and Alisa currently on the Island.

In order to have a child, you need the Extra-Large House, by the way but the Husband/Wife Bed will fit in the Large House and you will be able to marry with only the Large House.

As previously stated, the Heart Events given in my Courtship and Marriage Guide are the quickest and most direct route from Introduction to Marriage. I have supplied the correct response in each Event. Give that and you will have no trouble moving on to the next Event listed.

In the section of the Courtship Guide that includes the actual text of the Heart and Rival Heart Events, I have given the Events both with the correct and the incorrect responses and the results of each in terms of heart level. Ultimately, I will provide all the alternative Events that will occur when you give the WRONG response as well. The alternate Heart Events do not occur always at the same location as the primary Heart Event, nor will they follow the same schedule in terms of time and weather necessarily. If you make the correct response, however, you will not have any difficulty in triggering the next Event given in my Guide.

Tip: Do not SAVE your game after you experience any Heart Event with a Bachelor/Eligible Girl until you look at the Guide to make certain you have given the best response or at least looked at the individual's current heart level in the Individuals List to make certain that you have not lost any Affection Points. Loss of Affection points indicates an incorrect response. As a matter of fact, I never save the result the first time I experience any Heart Event because I like to replay it and experience ALL results before I trigger it for the final time and give the correct response once again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I have heard of giving incorrect answers would affect your relationship with the bachelor/ettes, but I did not realize that there is a 'recovery event'...

Hmm... this is all very confusing to me, heh. ^^;; But I'm sure I will get it after getting to used to the game. (I got this game yesterday).

Your past HM guides have been very helpful, so I happily await your other IoH guides. =)
Thank you very much for your time and effort in making useful, comprehensive guides for Harvest Moon! =3

Freyashawk said...

Bunny-Gypsy, if you use my Courtship and Marriage Guide, it will give you the most direct, uncomplicated path from Introduction to the individual to marriage. I have supplied the correct responses for each event. If you give that, you won't lose any Affection points and you won't have to experience any of the alternative Heart Events or the Recovery Event.
Ultimately, I will add ALL the paths to the guide but for now, it gives the best, most direct path for you to take.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you! =3

The Courtship guide looks pretty understandable, so I will be sure to look at it when I am ready to woo someone.

Right now, I am in the my first Summer season, and I have recently built the bridge of the meadow. I'm trying to save up money (by fishing and some crop growing) to keep building bridges, so I can see Shea and woo him. =3

Anonymous said...

Freyashawk, I've been using your guide to marry Vaughn, but he went from blue heart to green, not yellow. I skipped the green rival heart event, and now he's at yellow. However, I can't trigger the yellow heart event like your guide says. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it!