Saturday, September 6, 2008

Having a Child truly a Matter of Choice in IoH

In many Harvest Moon games, if you have your spouse at maximum heart level for a specific period of time, a blessed event will be announced and you WILL have a child.
Island of Happiness is different in this respect.

You can marry with a Large House and a Big Bed, but you never will have a child if you do not order the Extra-Large House. Even then, you will not have a child if you do not buy the Child's Bed.

The 'Kid's Bed' will be available at Chen's Market a full season after marriage, provided you have an Extra-Large House. You have to BUY it if you wish to experience the pregnancy event.

This makes having a child a matter of choice. Furthermore, you can engineer the birthday of your child by putting off the purchase.

The morning after the purchase, you will experience the Pregnancy Event, entitled:
'The Big News'.

If any one wonders about Vaughn's suitability as a husband, this Event proves it. He SHINES here. When Trent asks him if MY decision to have the baby on the island is acceptable, Vaughn responds that it is only my opinion that matters! What a sweetheart! The taciturn Vaughn demonstrates a complete lack of obnoxious machismo, deferring to the person who actually will have to go through labour.

The Event is interesting for a number of reasons. There is a point where you may believe that you have a choice as to where to have the baby, that you may be able to visit the Clinic at Mineral Town or Hardy's Clinic in the Valley perhaps...

The matter is taken out of your hands, though, when your character declares the intention of having the child on the Island instead of the 'hospital' recommended by Dr. Trent.

Incidentally, Trent will be available for this Event whatever the season. He happens to be 'on the island' gathering medicinal herbs whenever you become pregnant, even if ordinarily he would be back in Mineral Town.

Note that the pregnancy event can occur as early as one season after marriage.

The Big News

At 6.00 a.m.
Me: (with black cloud)
Vaughn: (?) What’s wrong? You’ve looked under the weather for a while now… Especially today.
I’ll go find a doctor. Sit tight, okay?

I nod.
He walks out.

Now Trent is here with Vaughn.

Vaughn: A Doctor was on the island picking medicinal plants.
So, how’s Freya?

Trent: Hmm…
Me: (…)
Trent: (…)
Trent: A-ha! Precisely. There’s nothing to worry about. You haven’t fallen ill…

Vaughn and I both: (?)

Trent: You’re pregnant!

Vaughn and I both: (!)

Trent; Congratulations, both of you!

Me (with big red heart)

Vaughn: Really?! I’m gonna be a dad?
Never thought the day would come, me as a parent.
Great, eh, Tesora?

Trent: Now, where would you like to deliver the baby?

Vaughn and I both: (?)

Trent: I’m glad I was here to assist you with the diagnosis.
You should stay in a hospital in a town for the delivery.
I shake my head negatively.
Me: (…)
Trent: Oh, you’d like to deliver the baby here on the island?

I nod with vigour.

Trent: Is that all right with you, Vaughn?

Vaughn: Sure. It’s only Tesora’s choice that matters here.

I display another big red heart.

Trent: If that’s what you wish, I’d be happy to assist.
When you go into labour, make sure to call me. I’ll rush over immediately.

Vaughn: That’d help us a lot.
Thanks again. We’ll be seeing you.

Trent: it’s no trouble. Se sure not to strain yourself. Now, I should get going.


Anonymous said...

Aw, that's really cute! =3 Never thought he would be so sweet...

Since you married Vaughn, do the other bachelors and their 'soul-mates' (your rivals) have their children, too? I wonder what their kids are like?

Thank you for your insights for the Harvest Moon games! =D

KalypsoCry said...

Vaughn is sweet :) That's why I like him so much. He's sort of shy and silent but adorable at the same time...

I was wondering, is the time for getting a child the same length of time as getting pregnant in the other HM games? Or is there a slight difference?

Freyashawk said...

Kalypsocry, no, it isn't. It is shorter potentially, but as I wrote in this post, there are requirements that do not exist in other HM games, which means that even if you have your spouse at fullest red heart level, you never will have a child if you don't expand your house again and actually purchase the Kid's Bed. In this manner, it resembles Magical Melody more than HM DS or FoMT/MFoMT.

You can experience the pregnancy event as soon as one full season after marriage. In many other HM games, you must wait two full seasons.

Mar said...

Aww... so sweet. Vaughn seems sweet enough. It's nice of him to say its YOUR choice. It's a good thing he is not self-centered.