Sunday, September 14, 2008

A new Baby in Island of Happiness

I mentioned the birth of my son in the previous post with reference to two of the rival Weddings, but what mother would not wish to brag a little about the birth of her child? I think it merits a post of its own. The fact that many players share my intense interest in Vaughn as a prospective Spouse gives me more reason to devote a post to the Birth Event in Island of Happiness.

If you keep your Spouse at 10 hearts and expand your house to the largest Extra Large Size, you will find a Kid's Bed at Chen's Market a full season after your Wedding. Buy it instantly if you wish to experience the Pregnancy Event the next morning. If you do not purchase the crib, you will not become pregnant!

The earliest the Pregnancy Event can occur therefore is a full season after Marriage. After the Pregnancy Event, the birth of your Child will follow after two full seasons. The actual date will depend on any intervening Events that occur in the same week, such as Rival Weddings or Festivals. My own Child was due to be born on 10 Spring by my calculations but by experiencing two of the final Rival Heart Events at the beginning of Spring, the Calendar had to change to accommodate them.

The birth of my son occurred only after both of the Rival Weddings had been celebrated, on 11 Spring.

On 10 Spring, after the second Rival wedding of Pierre and Julia:
Vaughn: The baby should be coming soon. Be prepared!

11 Spring:

New Family

Vaughn is pacing back and forth in front of Mirabelle.

Mirabelle: Stop pacing around. A man needs to keep himself calm during times like these.

He ignores her and continues to pace relentlessly.

Mirabelle: It’s okay! Freya will give birth to a healthy baby.

Vaughn: How can I not be concerned now?!

Dr. Trent: (unseen): Keep pushing… Come on! A little harder!

Vaughn: (!) Hang in there, Tesora… I wish there was something I could do to ease her pain.

Mirabelle: (…) Yes, all we can do is wait. I’m sure that everything’ll turn out just fine!

The cry of a newborn infant rings out clearly, then:

A baby is in the infant bed above the Husband Bed.

Dr. Trent: Thanks to Felicia’s help, the baby was born safely.
Congratulations, Freya. It’s a healthy baby boy.

Mirabelle: What a brave-looking child!

Felicia: You did very well, Freya.

Vaughn: Is the baby?
Our baby?

Vaughn: Hey, let’s name the baby.
Any ideas, honey?

After you have chosen the name, your character will display a big red heart.
You only are allowed six letters.

Vaughn: Attila, eh?
Good name.
I like it.

Vaughn: Tesoro, Attila and I are a family now.
Having a new family member makes me so happy.

I nod.

My thoughts: It just sank in… I’m a mother! Attila, I’m so glad you were born!

No time passes here…
It is 6.00 a.m. still after the birth.
Go to the baby bed and tap on it.
The baby will cry and you will see a prompt:
‘I hope our baby grows up well!’


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Mars Frog said...

Grats' on the kid.

And I'd be pacing too if I were in Vaughn's shoes.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet.
I have a question that has been bothering me for some time now.
Can you only have one child in Harvest Moon?

InsatiableCuriousity said...

Wow Freyashawk, thanks so much for all your guides. They've really been helping me out and I can wait to get the ToT guide you wrote!

I'm just curious about a few things...
1) Is your name Freya's hawk, freya shawk, or something completly diiferent?
2)I don't know if you can answer it but I don't think there should be a problem...Which bachelor did you ultimately choose in ToT?
Sorry about the really random questions...=P
Anyway thanks again for your guides! You really are the Queen of Harvest Moon! ^_^

Freyashawk said...

It's Freya's Hawk.
I married Julius in my first ToT game because I liked the way he dressed but that prevented his marriage to Candace. I really should stop making that mistake when I am working on a guide. I kind of felt sorry for Julius because people made fun of the way he dressed and acted. He actually was quite romantic.

To be honest, though, I went through the proposal event with every single bachelor in ToT before I married any one. I usually do that in Harvest Moon.

Freyashawk said...

As far as the question about how many children you can have is concerned, every Harvest Moon is different, but in all the more recent Harvest Moon games, your character only can have one child.
In some games, the gender of the child is set; in others, it is randomly determined.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Thanks!
Isn't kind of werid though?

Anonymous said...

Do you know any ways to get a boy child?

Anonymous said...

i was wondering have you had a event with your child yet (i married denny and got a son)if you have had more than one I'd like to know them

Thanks a Bunch
(vaughn is a sweetey)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Does your child age in this game like he/she does in Hm Ds Cute?

Anonymous said...

A question: (very random) what do you think is better to have:a boy or a girl?

Anonymous said...

After you bought the crib, how long did it take you to get pregnant?