Saturday, March 1, 2008

'The Woodcutter and the King' and a Power Berry


In experiencing Mary's Blue Heart Event, you have the opportunity to read the legend inspired by the real magical tree in the middle of the meadow to the right of the lake.

Mary will give you a book and ask you to read it 'between tasks'. At first, I did not know how to read the book... I tried to set it down on a table, thinking that I then would be able to press X to read it, but in vain.

In fact, the first time I experienced the event, I became frustrated in the end and returned the book to Mary unread. When she asked me to choose which character I liked best, I simply guessed, but chose the 'Woodcutter' thinking that this character would be more sympathetic to village folk...

I then replayed the entire day, partly in order to add the information about Mary's response to the incorrect answer to my guide and partly to test something that had occurred to me with respect to a possible way to 'read' the book.

In fact my supposition was correct. It was possible to read the book by pressing Triangle when the book was in the rucksack. The Triangle Button orders the game to 'Explain Item'. Pressing Triangle unlocked the entire story, which is rather long and quite charming.

Furthermore, it gives the entire tale of the magical tree in the Meadow and the fact that a 'rare nut' in the form of a Power Berry will be given if you take pity on the tree and do not chop it down.

Here is the tale of the 'Woodcutter and the King':

Text of Book:
'The Woodcutter and the King'
Once upon a time there was a woodcutter who lives in a small country. One day the woodcutter were called before the king. The king ordered the woodcutter to go and find a special nut that was said to prolong life.

'The woodcutter finally found the rare nut way on the top of a tall tree in the forest. But as he prepared to cut the tree down...

The woodcutter suddenly heard a voice.

It was the tall tree, asking 'please don't cut me down'.

The woodcutter felt pity for the tree and decided to let it stand...

To his surprise, the tall tree gave him the nut in thanks. The woodcutter had never seen a nut of that colour before, but he dutifully sent the nut to the king.

The king ordered the woodcutter to chop down the tree down and bring it to the castle. But the woodcutter refused...

In anger, the king threw the woodcutter in the dungeon and set off himself to cut down the tree. But none of the trees had any nuts, and the king lost his way and never came out.

The woodcutter was saved.'

End of Story.

I never would have had the opportunity to read this tale had I not played Harvest Moon Boy & Girl. It is little delights like these that make EVERY Harvest Moon game worth the trouble...


KalypsoCry said...

It's kinda frustrating when you don't know how to "read" a book in HM Boy and Girl, but you do get lucky sometimes...

It's sad about the tale of the greedy king, but some people do do this sort of thing in real life, which is rather saddening as well.

Well, exactly 22 more days before HMDS Cute comes out - I hope in Hong Kong, at least.

Mountain Gnome said...

Thank you Freyashawk!

It is poeple like you who make Harvest Moon Even more delightful!

I never courted Mary when I played, so never saw this event, now that I read your post it makes me want to pick up and go back to B&G!

What a super cute story!


Freyashawk said...

Kalypsocry, I really would recommend Harvest Moon Boy & Girl if only you could get your hands on a PSP. Do you have any friends who might lend you one? The graphics really are crisp and vibrant and the music is splendid. Each of the eligible girls has her own signature 'heart music' and some of the tunes are delightful.

Shaggy, you really should go back and court ALL the girls in another game. It is well worth the trouble. I had to LOWER Popuri's heart level, though, as I explained in another post, because I have no intention of marrying her in this first game...

I do hope none of your comments have been 'lost'. That has happened to me and it is so frustrating to go through all the work of writing a comment only to have it never appear anywhere!

HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk!

Does this event happen only in Boy&Girl?My guess from you would be yes.

Anyway, I really liked that story.It reminded me of a story I read.

I cannot remember it as I read it long ago!
I like stories like these from the medieval and old times.
I just updated my site.It's new but hope you get used to it.And like it!