Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Bizarre Heart Event Quirks in Girl version of Boy & Girl

I was not too surprised to experience the 1st Heart Events for all the girls in the Girl version of Boy & Girl. After all, this is the case in More Friends of Mineral Town as well. It did surprise me somewhat when I began to experience the Blue Heart Events for the girls when I was playing as a girl... First was Elli with the sandwiches, then Popuri with her Egg. I wondered why I did not experience Ann's Blue Heart Event until one rainy afternoon, I experienced her 2nd Heart Event! I now wonder if this event had to be triggered before I could experience her Blue Heart Event.

Ann's Blue Heart Event is one of the most profitable events in the Boy version of the game, which is why I am eager to see if it can be experienced when you play the Girl version. At this point, I have experienced her first two Heart Events and attended her Birthday party as a girl.

Meanwhile, I have experienced a most disturbing event for poor Grey. One evening in the pouring rain, Saibara castigated him for his lack of expertise as a blacksmith. Grey's dialogue often involves complaints that his grandfather is too strict and much too exacting. If one ever thought that Grey might have exaggerated a little, this event proves otherwise:

Saibara: You idiot!
Grey: What!
Saibara: You need to train 100 years before you can make tools!
Grey: I can make tools no problem!
Saibara: Hush! They may look like tools, but they are useless.
Grey: ..............
Saibara: You wouldn't understand that now.
Grey: Ugh...

Poor Grey! To his credit, he is more determined than ever to succeed. This event cannot be experienced until Grey is at Yellow Heart level.

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