Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marriage to Kai in HM Cute DS is a Joy

Were I not so madly besotted with Skye, I have to confess I would be thrilled with the prospect of living happily ever after with Kai in HM Cute DS. His response to the marriage proposal is everything any girl could desire. He has an open, generous heart, a sunny disposition and... AND... for all of us who ever wished that a husband or son would help us with the farm work, Kai enthusiastically displays his intention to become one with you in every respect. He is a model husband and no one could be more romantic and affectionate.

The irony in HM Cute DS is that Kai is the first bachelor from Mineral Town whom you can bring to full red heart level. Although he only visits your village in the summer season, Cute is the one game where this signifies the chance for more encounters than you can have with any other Mineral Town bachelor! The other Mineral Town bachelors visit only one day each week. Thirty days in succession each Summer means that you easily can marry Kai in your second year, provided only that you propose to him before the end of Summer.

The following has been included in my Courtship and Marriage Guide for Cute which should be uploaded by IGN tomorrow I believe. It is the full text of the proposal and wedding events with Kai:

At 6.10 a.m. on Monday, 27 Summer in my second year, I show Kai the Blue Feather.

Kai: (!) .... Is this for me? Let's talk at your place, Freya.

Now we are in my house and the beautifully evocative Mineral Town heart music plays.

Kai: F-for real, Freya?
I nod and flourish the feather again. Kai displays a big red heart.
Kai: I'm always so happy whenever you stop by. In fact, others come by all the time, but none cheer me up like you. What I'm trying to say is... I really love you, Freya. Now that you know how I feel, of course you know I'll say yes! We'll always be happy together, Freya. As husband and wife!
I display a big red heart now.
Kai: Wow, it just hit me that once we're married, we can be together all the time. You don't know how happy that makes me. Just thinking about our future gets me so stoked.
We both display big red hearts.
Kai: When should we have the ceremony? Does a week from now sound good?
I nod.
Kai: Awesome. In a week it is. I'll close up my stand and go tell my folks if there's time before the wedding. I don't think they can come to the wedding though. I should really go see my parents when I get a chance.
I nod and he leaves.

It is 6.10 a.m. on Monday, 27 Summer of the 2nd year.
The wedding would then occur on Tuesday, 4 Autumn.

We would find ourselves at the beach with the wedding march playing.
Thomas: I, Thomas, will now begin this honourable marriage ceremony.
I will now ask the groom. Do you swear to love Freya forever?
Kai's face (ching) across the screen.
Kai: You know I do.
Thomas: Good. Now the bride. And do you promise to love and cherish Kai, as long as you both shall live?
My face (ching) across the screen.
I nod and we both display big red hearts, facing one another.
Kai: This is the happiest day of my life! Let's take the world by storm!
I nod and we move towards one another, then face Thomas together side by side.
Thomas: I now pronounce you man and wife.
Cheers from the crowd.
Harvest Goddess: (Freya, Freya.)
Me: ?
Harvest Goddess: (Dum dum dum dummmm. Congratulations. Here's my present for you.)
The bells toll, the screen goes white and then... credits scroll black and white towards the centre...

Tuesday, 5 Autumn at 10.00 a.m.: Kai and I are facing one another across the table.

Kai: Today you and I are husband and wife. It feels so good to say it.
I display a big red heart.
Kai: Oh yeah, let's think up some nicknames. That'll liven things up. Just call me Kai. What should I call you, Freya?
Me: Tesora.

Kai: Don't forget to respond when I call you that.

My thoughts: Tomorrow begins our new life together!

6.00 a.m. on 6 Autumn:
Kai: Morning, Tesora! I'm doing ranch work. I never thought I'd be doing this.

I give him his Most Favourite Item, otherwise known as the MFI.
Kai: It's a Pineapple! For me? Thanks, Tesora.

After noon at home:
Kai: Oh, Tesora. Thanks for your hard work. It's great having a family. That's exactly what I think.

N.B. The only bad habit Kai has is his tendency to use the outdated slang term: stoked. He says it frequently during times of great emotion! Despite this small flaw in his personality (and some may not consider it so at all), Kai is one of the strongest male characters in Harvest Moon. He is independent, with a good sense of self-esteem, hard-working, responsible and yet has an incredible sense of adventure. He is disposed to be open and friendly to every one and yet can stand up for himself when he meets hostility from any one.

After my temporary marriage to Kai, I waited at the entrance to the Valley at 10.10 p.m. as usual to see if Skye would appear and how he would greet me. His dialogue was the same after my marriage to another as it was before marriage, but what made me realise that I never could stay married to Kai was the fact that Skye no longer displayed a deep red heart, nor in fact any heart at all for me... Without a moment's hesitation, once the marriage information had been documented for Kai, I reloaded the game back to the point where I still remained unmarried and true to my beloved Skye.


HarvestMoonGoddess said...

Hi Freyashawk!


KAI IS SO SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!

Reading this makes me think twice about marrying Trent.Now I am gonna marry Kai.And it would be easy because while he is not in the Valley, I dedicate myself to finding sprites to get married and by the second year I would.

And yes, that habit of saying 'stoked' gets boring sometimes!He is really a nice guy.

When you meet him, and you become closer, i feel like he wants to show you that he is not bad, and would rather choose you than any girl!


Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Kai certainly is the gentleman. His overuse of the term "Stoked" is nothing less than I would expect from any beach boy. When I was growing up, almost any surfer would be "stoked" to catch a good wave, meet a wonderful "chick" or just generally be stoked that things were good! Even today, it is a phrase that is still in use (by me too).

Kai is just too Cool!

Keep Well

Anonymous said...

cool...but the sprite at the top looks like cliff and yet its kai you are marrying?and hes wearing pink when hes at your house.

Freyashawk said...

Anonymous, please understand that the screenshots were taken from a test version of the game and NOT the final retail version. Now that I have the final retail version, screenshots will be taken from that, but the cartridge I had was an early test copy from Natsume. There were a few oddities both in graphics and text that were corrected before the final version was produced.

Anonymous said...

hello freya can you tell me what to do to get into good looks of Kai?

Anonymous said...

I decided that (after spending a lot of time working on Rock) i wanted to marry Kai. I still have Rock on red heart, just in case! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Kai. He's so cute and charming and adorable hehe. I'm married to him on MFoMT. :D
...But honestly, why did you go for Skye afterwards? O.o ...Not meaning sound nasty or offend anyone but... he's no good... he lies.... he's a thief... I don't see what's so attractive about him.... Hmmm...
Oh well, let's end on a good note:

Freyashawk said...

Anonymous, the beauty of Harvest Moon is that it always allows the individual to CHOOSE his/her path and partner in life. There is some one for every one. I have to admit there are a few bachelors in Harvest Moon games who do not appeal to me and I found it difficult to marry them sometimes, but on the whole, one can find something appealing about each of the eligible girls/bachelors. I try to marry all of them for my guide and Kai is a darling, but there is something about Skye that overrides everything. He may be a thief but he is a 'gentleman thief', following all the traditions that made girls hearts flutter when they heard tales of the 'noble highwayman' who would stop a coach and simply demand a kiss from a lady. Skye is one of those daring adventurers who steals for the challenge of it rather than any material profit to be found. Well, if you are immune to his charms, I can't help you, but I think it's your loss in a way. I wouldn't marry some one like Skye in real life but another great thing about Harvest Moon is that one can fulfil fantasies like this without suffering the consequences that might come crashing down on one in real life.

As for marriage to Kai, I do intend to marry him and stay married to him in a game at some point. I usually have more than one game with more than one future...

When I was writing the guides, however, I couldn't stay married to any one until I had experienced all the proposals, all the weddings and all the rival heart events and THEIR weddings. So I had to reload after marrying Kai.

Anonymous said...

DONT Insult Skye hes awsome

Princess1234567 said...

Heya Freyashawk!

I've been favouriting all your Harvest Moon DS Cute guides! I find them extremely helpful. I was wondering, though, how you recieve all the test versions of Natsume's games. I really enjoy your guides, and I think you are a great guide writer. Recently, though, I learned that one Harvest Moon DS Cute, you cannot experience Rival Heart Event's after marriage. I learned that AFTER I married Skye. I then started a new account to experience all possible events as soon as possible in the game. For that, though, I am using your First Year Events Guide. It has proved really helpful, as have all your guides. Well, after my very long comment, I just want to say that I hope you make a Second, Third and Fourth Year Events Guide for Harvest Moon DS Cute.
Great Wishes,

Dana said...

Heya Freya,
I got an PROBLEM.
I wanna marry Kai.
i got the highest heart level (red)
on the beach he says: ''H-hey Dana. I-I'm acting funny? N-no, I'm not.''
the Affection Points CAN'T get higher, it's at his maximum i think (65535 points) and he stil refufes me... what should i do?! añd i'm already on my 5th year on Harvest moon Ds cute.
can you help me?

Freyashawk said...

Dana, Heart Level is only one of MANY requirements for marriage in any Harvest Moon game, including Cute. Have you rescued the Harvest Goddess? Have you experienced all four of Kai's Heart Events? Do you have the Big Bed? If the answer to any of these questions is 'no,', then you must complete these requirements before he ever will accept your Blue Feather!

Freyashawk said...

Eleena, I apologise for not having seen your comment until now. You can use my yearly Calendar Event Guides for the original HM DS for Cute as well. There will be virtually no difference in terms of most of the events experienced AFTER the first year of gameplay with the exception of a few of the Mineral Town characters' heart events. I do intend to write Event Calendar Guides for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th years for Cute specifically if I ever have time for it...

And Natsume has been kind enough to send me advance copies of the games after becoming familiar with my guide work over many years. They are sent to me only to help me get a headstart on my guides if and when they are able to spare a copy.

Anonymous said...

how do u get a fishing pole???!!! I try n try, no use, cant get it. please help, i need fishing pole , must save harvest sprites!!!

Freyashawk said...

Anon, both in HM DS and Cute DS, you obtain a Fishing Rod from Galen by visiting him on a sunny Saturday between noon and 12.50 p.m. You must enter the house without having any tool equipped in your tool slot. Don't try to trigger the event on a Festival Day, even the Spring Thanksgiving.
If you did not introduce yourself both to Galen and Nina previously, the event will not trigger until you have met both of them. This information is in the Walkthrough in my General Guide.

Anonymous said...

well kai is so sweet and everything but can i marry him without harvest moon mfmt?

Freyashawk said...

Anon, as I always inserted HMMFoMT into my DS immediately when I played HM Cute DS, I cannot confirm from my own games, but I do believe that Kai appears in the game even without MFoMT, as he has the stall on the beach. You therefore should be able to marry him.

Anonymous said...

Omg i love kai he rocks i think im on orange heart i wish kai was a real person in real life he is so sweet!

xxx Shauna

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have ALL the requirements to marry Kai, Skye, Gustafa and Rock, I'm planning on marring Kai but that's beside the point. I've tried to propose to Kai but he does this grossed-out face and says something like; "I don't want to right now" or whatever, I'm sort of angry, what in the hell did I do wrong? (I have 99 sprites + rescued the Goddess, have a big bed, blue feather and I also have the house upgrade!) HELP. PLEASE!

Freyashawk said...

Anon, did you experience all four of Kai's Heart Events? You didn't mention that...